Dec 24 2016

Happy Christmas Eve!

Keeper Log

Frosty-white-serval-Good Boy, Frosty!!  Keeper Afton reported on the 23rd in the AM he ate 5 oz of turkey and red meat and took his meds.  In the PM he ate 5 ozs of turkey and red meat.

Keepers Sharon & Lynda reported on the 23rd AM Joseph ate 3 lbs 13 ozs of red meat and cut up chicken and in the PM he ate 2.5 lbs of red meat and chicken breast.  We try to get him to eat 10 pounds.  He seems happy and content.  He is playing with Enrichment, following keepers when they call him to eat, roaring at Cameron etc.  So he is doing okay, just not eating as much as we want him to. Therefore, he is still on the Animal Observation Sheet to be monitored closely.

WOW!!  JOSEPH!!!  He LOVED His Christmas Turkey this morning (Dec 24th) and ate 8 pounds of it!!!

Keepers Desmond, Megan, & Lynda reported on the 23rd that Little Dove Bobcat ate 4.4 ozs of red meat, mush, and ground turkey in the AM.  In the PM she ate 6.7 ozs of red meat, chicken breast, and ground turkey.

Keepers Afton, Sarah B & Kathryn reported that on the 23rd TJ Tiger ate 3 lbs 2 ozs of pork and red meat in the AM.  In the PM he ate 7 lbs of red meat and pork.  We want TJ to eat 10 to 12 pounds every single day.  So, on the 23rd he ate 10 lbs 2 ozs which is much better.   GOOD JOB, TJ!!

Zouletta Serval eats pretty well over night.  I guess it’s candlelight dinners for her for now on.  YES, she will still get food other times of day, too. 🙂

NOTE:  If a cat was on the observation sheet for not eating yesterday but you do not see them on the observation chart today then it means everything was fine and they ate today.  Just because a cat does not eat all their food one day does not mean they are sick, it more than likely simply means they were not hungry.  In the wild they would not get to eat every day.  Here at Big Cat Rescue we feed them every single day so occasionally being on the Animal Observation Sheet for not eating does not mean anything is wrong.  However, it can also mean something is wrong which is why we take not eating all their food as seriously as we do, just in case something is wrong.  We err on the side of caution and add them to the observation chart to watch more closely to see if they are behaving normally in all other ways.  Do they walk right, look right, are they alert, what is their poop like, did they play with Enrichment, etc.

 Cats & Kittens Home for Christmas

We all know Tater was adopted by our own intern Lexie.  Momma Sassy also found her forever home for Christmas!  Fingers crossed that Momma Meredith will be home with a family soon!  Karma L. Hurworth – Assistant Manager/Master Keeper, Big Cat Rescue

NOTE:  YOU can watch the domestic kittens we foster playing on the live web cams during the day why the interns and keepers work caring for the big cats.  Find the kitten Cabana Live Cam link on


 Afton’s Done It AGAIN!  NEW Video!

I rolled with laughter watching this.  PLEASE join us in THANKING, Afton and all the keepers who PURR-ticipated in creating this funny “Happy Holidays” video FOR YOU!!


 Join Us in Congratulating:

Sarah D. who has been promoted to Senior Keeper

Megan L. who has been promoted to Level 2 Intern!!


Keepers are volunteers and are not paid to come and care for the cats. They are here working rain or shine because they love these cats!!

If you want to see (or take) the video and text lessons we set up for our volunteers, keepers, and interns go to  If you click on the menu item “Free Lessons” there are three free lessons YOU CAN Take!  If you decide to take the rest of the lessons it is only $9/mo.  You can cancel any time and ALL the money goes to the cats.


 Note To Newcomers:

Welcome Newcomers, We are glad you have dropped by this updates page.  We try to post one almost every day.  If you are interested in seeing these here is an easy link to remember, or you can bookmark it. once there, just click on the date you want to see the updates for to open a page like this one for that date.

ALWAYS, feel welcome to join in conversations in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Feel free to ask questions or ask about specific cats.


 Big Cat Rescue’s Facebook Videos


VIDEO ONE:  Jamie and Carole Look for Signs of Thor

Jamie and Carole go out to the release site for Thor Bobcat to reset the camera traps and look for bobcat prints in the sand. Along the way see butterfly orchids, a Resurrection fern covered oak, and other signs of wildlife in this gorgeous natural setting.  What a wondrous place for Thor to live wild and free.


VIDEO TWO:  Pix From Trail Cam at Thor‘s Release Site

Jamie and Carole went out yesterday to switch out the trail cams’ cards and batteries at Thor Bobcat‘s release site. See what images were captured.


 Did You Know?  Big Cat Rescue has TWO YouTube channels?  Our secondary one is almost up to 50,000 subscribers.  Would you help us get over that goal?


VIDEO THREE: Wild Bobcat Footage (Very Short)

This footage of what we think is a female bobcat was captured on the Wildlife Cam posted at Thor‘s release site.  From other clips of this cat we believe it is a female.  Thor has been seen on the same cam a few times in the past, about every two weeks.


VIDEO FOUR:  Servie Serval is Stuffed With Christmas Dinner

Servie Serval is stuffed after the Keepers handed out whole turkeys, whole chickens and whole cornish hens today. Happy Holidays to all of you who watched, shared, liked and commented.  Those likes, shares, and comments really help us spread the word about the cats!  THANK YOU!!

A HUGE Shout Out to Everyone who donated to make sure the cats all got their Holiday meals (and their daily meals)

Here is the link for the shirt I was wearing today that said, “All I want to do is drink wine and rescue tigers”

Read Servie’s story further on down in this page.


  Viewer Videos from

VIDEO ONE:  TJ & Mr. Squirrel

Eirik Andre Vedå  just capture this moment of TJ and his friend. Merry Christmas!  

(Eirik, THANK YOU for submitting your video!!!)


 Are YOU a PURR-crastinating Shopper

Do you have any last minute gifts to get?  Our online gift shop at has some Instant Delivery gifts that would be great for the young and for the young at heart.  YOUR gift shop purr-chases help us help the cats.



 Today’s Big Cat CHALLENGE

  1. Watch this entire video
  2. Share this video’s link:
  3. In the comments at the bottom of this page, let us know if you did the challenge.


 Brand NEW:  Nabisco Loves Mrs. Claws Tee

A brand new tee has hit the shelves.  YOU requested it, we got it!  It is available in nine different colors.

Get YOURS at:


 Announcing Today’s Facebook Winner

Each day that Carole does a Facebook Live video she asks a question and someone who answers it correctly wins a prize.  So, go to Facebook and Like our Facebook Page and choose to get notifications of our live videos.  Then participate in the contests, join in conversations in the comments area, too.

Facebook Contest Winner for Dec 24th is:  Connie Spurlock for being the first to answer correctly on where Servie Serval came from.


 Meet Servie Serval

Servie Serval was born January 2000 and was rescued in 2010.

A  pet Serval was confined to a tiny, two room apartment for the past 10 years. She was housed with a domestic cat, presumably for the purpose of breeding Savannah Cats which can fetch as much as $26,000. Her life was about as boring as can be imagined since she had to be kept secreted away from the world, but all of that was about to change.

Her owner was so ill that she needed intensive hospital care, but having no relatives and no one she could turn to, it was up to the authorities to have her Baker acted for her own good. Imagine the hysteria involved in being so incapable of making your own decisions that the police and paramedics had to be called to carry you to the hospital.

It was worrisome for the authorities as well because this woman’s neighbors all whispered that she kept a lion in that apartment. The lion turned out to be a Serval, but none the less, it left animal control in a strained situation. It is not expected that the owner will live and county law there gives Animal Control ownership and custody of animals who are not claimed within 10 days. They knew that it would be torturous to take a wild cat into a shelter full of barking dogs. They didn’t know who to call about placing a wild cat.

On the one hand, they found the cat in a house and originally thought that maybe they should seek out an exotic pet owner to take the cat, but as they interviewed candidates it became clear that no one had the cat’s best interest at heart, but rather were just looking for the novelty of owning an exotic pet. They investigated some exotic animal sanctuaries, but were dismayed by the over crowded cages full of pacing animals.

They asked a local vet for advice and he found Big Cat Rescue. After researching our facility and doing an interview with Big Cat staff, they knew that Big Cat Rescue was the purr-fect place for this Serval to go. The thought of this Serval having her own Cat-a-tat, her own den, her own trees and shrubs and grass and all of the wonder of the little creatures that she will be able to see and sniff and chase…it was just as good as it gets if you have to be held captive. (Being captive bred and born, she could never be returned to the wilds of Africa.) This Serval had been through enough and they wanted a place that was stable, reputable and that would provide a permanent home.

Servie LOVES her cat-a-tat, the likes to hide, she enjoys regular enrichment, she chats with her keepers, and she eventually learned how to use her hammock without getting dumped out of it, she is an expert hisser, too.

Cats who are not on tour path and who are not as well known online do not get near as many sponsors. Your ongoing donations make it possible for us to race to the rescue of cats like this Serval. We can’t do it without you. Please sponsor Servie Serval here:

Servie’s Video from the year 2010


 Global Big Cat News

Tiger Temple abbot faces trafficking charges.


Inbreeding to Attract Visitors

Toronto Zoo should be ashamed for breeding white lions and then sending them off to other zoos to continue the horrific practice of inbreeding cats for a white coat color.  Find out more about the white lion cubs here: and why that is such a bad thing to do here:


Two Big Cat Attacks in Russia

A zoo 50 yr old male employee in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia was hospitalized with severe bites after he entered the enclosure of a lioness in order to pet her. Unfortunately, the drunken man’s desire to cuddle with the big kitty ended abruptly when she attacked him.  The mauling occurred early on Friday at the Madagascar Zoo in the city of Nizhny Novgorod on the Volga River.

Dec 21, 2016 Russia:  A rampaging leopard mauls woman at a circus as she protected her four year old godson from the attack.  The woman struggled to protect her friend’s son Tim (Timofey), her godson, who she had taken to see the travelling circus show in Bogotol, Krasnoyarsk region.  Moments earlier, the leopard called Loki (a young cub) had been taken out of the arena by its woman tamer after appearing ‘aggressive’. When it came back, it immediately rushed towards the boy and his godmother.

‘Suddenly he jumped in front of my nose, I only had time to cover Tim,’ said Lyubov, who saved the child from a possibly fatal attack. The beast grabbed me with its teeth, and began to tear me up.’  Circus staff had pulled the leopard away from the woman and boy, and were also wounded. A police car then rushed her to hospital. ‘I felt weak and nauseous,’ she said.

The boy’s mother Oksana Uskova was also with them, and said: ‘Doctors put in 10 stitches and  her tendon was bitten all the way through, not to mention the stress and consequences in the future… There was no safety, no fencing. We sat in the 6th row, but the animal was there in three seconds. This fear and horror still is in my eyes.’

She added: ‘No one helped us. We went outside, and were waiting for the ambulance there. But it took so long the traffic police gave us a lift to the hospital. As we got to their car, she [Lyubov] fainted. She lost a lot of blood. There was blood everywhere. ‘


 Big Cat Kids

Here is another coloring page for your kiddos to enjoy. Click on the small picture below to get the 8 x 10 version to save and print.

free kids coloring page


a-playballQuick Link Reminders

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