Dec 25 2016

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Keeper Log

The cats sure enjoyed their Christmas turkeys.  Even the picky cats like Cameron, who ate his entire Christmas Turkey!!

Frosty Serval is still in the hospital, but doing better.  He has another day or two on meds and then he can go back outside.

Zouletta Serval is doing OK, as long as she's getting sub q fluids, but she hates getting them.  She seems quite content to sleep away the day on her soft, warm, Skip bed, so as long as she is comfortable we will give her supportive care.  We are looking to her for cues to let us know when she's ready to move on, or if she has the strength to heal.

Apache Bobcat is acting like his vision is getting much worse.  The Keepers feed him from a stick, but he seems to be having trouble seeing the stick.  This morning he ran from me (Carole) as if he didn't know who I was, so he may be getting senile too, or maybe deaf, and just didn't hear me talking to him either.  It is common for our elderly cats to lose their site and/or hearing and they adjust amazingly well.



A lot of people are cutting the cord to network TV and cable.  There are a lot of great shows available for free on Roku and all of our videos are there for you in full screen, high resolution beauty to enjoy.

To see our Roku channel use this code:  BCR and this URL

In the Channel Store look for BCRTV

Question To Viewers

  • How many of you use a Roku?
  • How many of you have watched our Roku channel?


 Announcing Today’s Facebook Winner

Each day that Carole does a Facebook Live video she asks a question and someone who answers it correctly wins a prize.  So, go to Facebook and Like our Facebook Page and choose to get notifications of our live videos.  Then participate in the contests, join in conversations in the comments area, too.

Facebook Contest Winner for Dec 25th is:  Joann Dolce correctly described the FunCation as being 22,000 square feet of play space under a roof for our smaller cats.



Volunteer Committee Happy Holidays Card to Volunteers

The Volunteer Committee is so appreciative of your dedication to the cats that we asked Lynda to lead us in a little dance.

Christmas Day LIVE at Big Cat Rescue


  BCR's Facebook Live Videos


VIDEO ONE:  Christmas Eve Food Prep

Extra turkeys are being cut up and divided among all the cats, Prepping to feed Spirit Feather the rehab bobcat, Prepping meds for the cats, looking at the charts.


Need A Last Minute Gift?

Do you have any last minute gifts to get?  Our online gift shop at has some Instant Delivery gifts that would be great for the young and for the young at heart.  YOUR gift shop purr-chases help us help the cats.


 Today’s Big Cat CHALLENGE

  1. Go to our main YouTube channel and pick out one of our Christmas videos. (or select from the list below)
  2. Share that video’s link with a friend.

You can watch the videos directly on this page and even share the link for this page.  OR, you can copy & paste the video's link on your social media page, like Facebook, G+, etc.  We have included each video's link to make it easier.

12 Days of Christmas - Big Cat Edition - Dec 23, 2016

Enjoy the Christmas song "12 Days Of Christmas" with a big cat spin to it. Happy Holidays!


Holiday Gifts for Big Cats - Dec 20, 2016

The holidays are here! We celebrated by giving the big cats trees and gifts to enjoy the holiday season. Check out all of the fun!


Big Cat Christmas Sing Along - Dec 25, 2016

Sing along with the big cats the classic Christmas song, O Christmas Tree. Watch as the big cats sing and play with their Christmas trees.


Christmas Eve With Mr. Claws - 2015

We did a post operation check up on Mr. Claws on Christmas Eve. He was cleared by our veterinarian to go to an outside enclosure. New Years Eve Mr. Claws was moved to outside and he is now sharing a common wall with Mrs. Claws.


Christmas Day 2012 (DBC) - Dec 25, 2012

Christmas Day 2012 at Big Cat Rescue is a day of peace and connection for the volunteers and the exotic cats.


Christmas with Nico - Dec 25, 2014

Example of what we do when a cat skips a meal, even if it is Christmas Day.  This video is kind of slow moving because it was taken for the purpose of sharing with our vets, who were not on site Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to be sure that Nico didn't need an emergency house call.  If you love Geoffroy Cats though, you might actually enjoy it.  If Nico doesn't go right back to eating on her own, we will catch her and have the vet take a look, but for now it looks like there is no crisis, since she will eat off a stick and doesn't seem to be in any distress.


Holiday Fun with Small Cats - Dec 29, 2015

From the small cats to the big cats, everyone loves holiday enrichment. Watch to see some of our small wild cat species playing with their holiday toys. Regular enrichment is very important in the lives of captive animals to stimulate their mind and bodies. Our big and small cats get plenty of seasonal and daily enrichment year round!


Christmas Vacation: Big Cat Edition  - Dec 22, 2015

Watch as the Texas tigers, Amanda, Arthur, and Andre enjoy their Christmas vacation. See as they destroy their gingerbread village.


How Tigers Celebrate Christmas  - Dec 21, 2013

Lions, Tigers, Leopards and more having fun destroying Christmas presents and trees! Watch as the residents of Big Cat Rescue play with their Christmas enrichment made by our volunteers!


(DBC) Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve is just like any other day to Big Cat Rescuers.  In this video you will see them handing out Christmas trees and presents to the cats, along with daily tasks, like giving tours, feeding cats and handing out meds.  There were a LOT of volunteers and interns working today, but I only got Dr. Justin, Jamie, Gale, Kathryn, Barbara, Chuck and Vern on tape.  The cats in this are Siberian Lynx, Apollo, Zeus and Natasha, Cougar Reise, Hybrid JoJo, Leopard Jumanji, Bobcats Banshee, Running Bear, Little White Dove, Little Dove, Little Feather, Alex, Cherokee, Andi, Siera, Precious, The Great Pretender, Divinity, Apache and Caracals Rusty and Sassy.


A Big Cat Christmas  - Dec 21, 2012

It's Christmas time for tigers, lions, leopards and more at Big Cat Rescue! Watch the big cats "opening" their presents and investigating their Christmas Trees! Thanks to our supporters who continue to enable us to provide fun enrichment for the cats all year long! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Christmas Tree Massacre  - Jan 16, 2012

Every year over 100 unwanted Christmas trees become victims of BIG CAT ENRICHMENT! Watch Lions, Tigers and leopards having fun with their trees, they love the pine scent and love to destroy them!


(DBC) 3D Christmas 2012

I created this video with the 3D Sony Bloggie and edited in iMovie.


Tigers Sing Jingle Bells & Destroy Presents  - Dec 20, 2011

Big Cats love Christmas time too! Watch Tigers, Lions, Leopards and more singing "Jingle Bells" and destroying their Christmas presents! Big Cat Rescue is a non profit educational sanctuary home to over 100 rescued exotic cats.


(DBC) Big Cats vs Christmas Presents - Dec 2011


Big Cat Christmas - Dec 2010


Funny Big Cat Christmas  - Dec 2009


Lion Tigers – Big Cat Christmas - Dec 2008

Enrichment is a very important part of caring for captive animals, at Big Cat Rescue we maintain a program making sure that all our cats receive enrichment on a regular basis. A special treat for the cats at this time of year is left over Christmas trees that are donated by local stores. Watch as our lions, tigers and leopards enjoy playing with their trees!


Big Cat Christmas - Dec 2007


Christmas Greetings You Can Share

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