Dec 29 2016

Max Bobcat

Keeper Log

Dec 28, 2016 PM Feeding Observations

TJ ate 8 lbs of pork and red meat

Zeus ate 7 lbs of pork and red meat

Mrs. Claws left some of her mush.

Running Bear was a little grumpy. ¬†He is almost 20. ¬†Found 2 normal poops and one that wasn’t quite normal.

Cheetaro is locked on the platform side of his enclosures to a new tunnel can be added to his cage.




Additional Keeper Notes:

Hoover now has full access to his enclosures.

Amanda, Andre & Arthur have access to an additional cage.

Sabre went home from vacation, watch the video of that below.

Cheetaro is now in the Fun-cation enclosure, watch the video of his first steps into his vacation adventure in the video below.

Purrfection Ocelot caught an opossum during the night.  Morning keepers found it missing its face, foot and tail.

There are currently 77 cats here.


Keeper Brittany reported: ¬†Desiree¬†was laying in her feeding lockout when I went to clean. ¬†She stayed there staring at me like I was going to feed her then she slowly walked away so I could clean. ¬†Didn’t seem like her. ¬†Around here it doesn’t take much for a cat to end up on the Animal Observation Sheet..

Did You Know?  Desiree was found wandering in the desert with only three legs?  Click on her name to read her incredible story of survival.

Keeper Bridget Reported:  

Priya seems to finally be relaxing here at Big Cat Rescue.  She came out of her den for my tour yesterday afternoon and stretched quite comfortably.

 Announcing Today’s Facebook Winner

Each day that Carole does a Facebook Live video she asks a question and someone who answers it correctly wins a prize.  So, go to Facebook and Like our Facebook Page and choose to get notifications of our live videos.  Then participate in the contests, join in conversations in the comments area, too.

The question was:  What state did Cheetaro leopard come from?

Today’s winner was:  Timothy Smith with New Hampshire

 Facebook Live Videos

VIDEO ONE:  Sabre leopard goes home from Fun-cation.

We are closed on Thursdays so it is a day we move a lot of cats around, do large projects, etc.

VIDEO TWO:  Cheetaro Leopard Goes On Vacation


 People Often Ask

How do you tell bobcats, Max & MaryAnn apart?

Max & MaryAnn Bobcats

Max  РSilvery to grey brown less spots, Taller, Longer

Max Bobcat

MaryAnn ‚Äď Slanted Eyes, Brown with lots of spots, White Ruff with Black Stripe

MaryAnn Bobcat


 Notes To Viewers

ONE:  Spirit Feather is scheduled to be released next month.  A wonderful release site has been found and preparations are being made.  More information will follow soon.

TWO: ¬†THANK YOU to viewers who watch, comment, like, and share our Facebook live videos! ¬†YOU are helping us reach more people. ¬†Each interaction you do on our posts such as liking, sharing, commenting, replying to others’ comments etc all signal Facebook that they should should the post to more people. ¬†Over 2 million people have liked our page but Facebook only shows it to a fraction of those people in their feeds. ¬†When posts generate more activity then Facebook beginsputting it in more people’s feeds.

 BCR Videos

VIDEO ONE:  Air Big Cat Visits Hoover And TJ Tigers

By Afton, originally posted on on September 13, 2016

Did YOU Know? ¬†YOU CAN watch TJ and Hoover tigers on a high quality live streaming web cam every day? ¬†Find the “Tiger Lake” cam link 0n


VIDEO TWO:  Bobcats Running Bear & Little White Dove

Little White Dove shows her scary side and her sweet side…well, sort of. ¬† Little White Dove voices her opinion quite clearly! ¬†Bobcats have very interesting vocalizations? ¬†¬†Oct 3, 2015


 Gift Shop

Love BEAUTIFUL photos of YOUR FAVORITE Big Cats? There are still a few copies of  2017 Big Cat Calendar still available.

13-month glossy color calendar features the big cats who call Big Cat Rescue home.¬† Each month you will enjoy a fabulous big cat image to go wild over! Only a limited number will be printed, so to ensure you receive your 2017 Big Cat Rescue calendar order it today! The calendar is approximately 8.5″ x 11″ when closed, 17″ x 11″ when fully open.

Get your copy at:

 Viewer Videos From

VIDEO ONE:  Nikita Compilation

Here is a compilation from 12/28/2016. I know Nikita eating isn’t an explore cam but she’s so cute when she’s eating I had to add her. ¬†Thanks to TJ, Jasmine, The Kittens, Hoover, Nikita, Spirit Feather and the squirrel. ¬†~Susann

Note To Susann:  We ALL Missed YOU!!  Glad you are back!!


VIDEO TWO:  Hoover Calling For TJ

This video is borrowed from “Greyfort 7” it was uploaded June 12, 2016. ¬†This video was recorded from the Tiger Lake cam on night vision. ¬†Hoover is hanging out in the lake calling for TJ.


 NOTE to Viewers:  

This video is a great example of why¬†we choose to not lock our cats up inside at night as many facilities do. ¬†Wild cats are active at night and want to be outside. ¬†A lot of facilities lock their big cats inside rooms called “night houses” at night where instead of enjoying the night air and night sounds and doing what cats like to do they are forced to spend the night in a concrete cell with walls and bars to look at. ¬†Any time you visit an animal facility ask¬†them where the cats go at night. ¬†Ask if you can see the cats ‘night house’ if they say no, ask why.


 Big Cat Kids

These two coloring pages are from a very special coloring book made specifically for us for an even called ‚ÄúMarch For Lions‚ÄĚ a few years back¬†by Pawstels artist, Melissa from

Click on the small picture below to get the full size page to save and print.

Free Kids Coloring Pages  Free Kids Coloring Pages

a-playballQuick Link Reminders

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