Dec 30 2016

Photo of the day - Tiger Photo - Kali

Keeper’s Log

Desiree drank more water than normal

Sassy Caracal acting a little odd – 22 years old

Gabrielle refused to eat her mush but did eat her red meat – 19 years old

Dec 29 AM/PM Hoover ate 10 lbs of pork and Dec 30 AM ate 2 lbs 7 oz of red meat and pork so more food will be offered – 12 years old

Charaka left some mush – 15 years old

Joseph ate 6 lbs 7.4 oz of cut up red meat and chicken and some thighs, more will be offered – 18 years old

Zeus ate 3 lbs 7 oz of red meat and pork at breakfast then ate another 1 lb 3 oz of cut up red meat with his eye drops, more food will be offered – 20 years old

Nirvana ate her mush and red meat, GOOD GIRL – age 22 years old

Priya had to be coaxed and fed from a feeding stick.  She seemed afraid of Charaka, who is living next door.  She kept growling at him while she was eating.  We pay close attention to whether a cat likes their neighbors or not.  If this does not change, as we stated in a live video previously, we will have to consider a change of neighbors. Priya is 13 years old

Angie Bobcat ate her mush and red meat. GOOD GIRL – 23 years old

Cameron & Zabu:  Uh Oh … There are a LOT of Ibis feathers in their open air section.  It appears someone may have caught an Ibis.  They are both 16 years old.

Dr Justin came and checked on Frosty Serval because we haven’t been able to find signs of him pooping, but he’s eating great and acting fine, otherwise, so we will continue to monitor. Frosty is 21 years old.


Grey foster kitten - fostering is cool Domestic Cat & Kitten Fostering News

Foster Momma Cat, Meredith, found her PURR-ever home in time for the New Year!

Did You Know?  YOU CAN watch the foster kittens playing every day streaming live on the Kitten Cabana web cam!!  Find the link at


cute tiger cub playing Cats On Vacation

Since we do not do educational tours on Thursday we use that day to move cats around and to do larger projects.

Sabre Leopard went home from FunCation

Cheetaro Leopard is now on FunCation

Jasmine went home from Vacation

Andy Tiger is now on Vacation


 People Often Ask

Should sanctuaries be open to the public?

You Decide

Every once in a while a facility that proclaims themselves to be a sanctuary will attack Big Cat Rescue and tell their fans to post fake, one star reviews, or make accusatory posts on our social sites, to try and convince others that sanctuaries are not open to the public.  We think you should have all the facts and make up your own mind.  More here:

NOTE To Viewers:  After you read the info on that link and have questions or thoughts, please feel free to use the comments section as we are happy to answer questions.


 Facebook Live Videos


VIDEO ONE:  Moving Day & Project Day & Sabre Goes Home

We are closed on Thursdays so it is a day we move a lot of cats around, do large projects, etc.


VIDEO TWO:   Cheetaro Goes On FunCation

Cheetaro Leopard goes on vacation in the 22,000 sf FunCation


VIDEO THREE:  Jasmine Tiger Goes Home


VIDEO FOUR:  Andy Tiger Goes On Vacation

Andy Tiger goes on his first “vacation” at Big Cat Rescue in the Vacation Rotation enclosure.   Jaime and Carole were racing across the sanctuary to catch up with him.  He was just having too much fun in the tunnel.  You can watch him LIVE 24/7 in this 2.5 acre space at


 BCR Videos

THANK YOU to the Body Shop!!!!

This is a special thank you to the Body Shop for your ongoing support, and for coming out to lend all of your helping hands!

PLEASE JOIN US in thanking them by shopping with them!!!


 Year End Giving to Save Cats

This year we have 12 new reasons to ask you to please consider making a year-end, tax-deductible donation to Big Cat Rescue. And your gift will be matched dollar for dollar for the first $38,000 in donations, so it will go twice as far for the cats!

Our precious cats can’t speak for themselves, so we are appealing to you on their behalf during this season of peace, love and giving.

As 2016 comes to a close, we are so thankful for your donations, which allowed us to rescue and become the permanent home for 12 more exotic cats! In April we rescued Hoover, a former circus tiger from Peru. Kept in a tiny circus cage for most of his life, Hoover has really blossomed at our sanctuary and loves swimming in his lake.

Then in October, we took in bobcats Dryden, Kewlona, Nabisco and Smalls along with cougars Josie and Sassy from a troubled sanctuary in South Dakota that lost its USDA license. Sassy, the oldest of the group, will be 18 in January (over 100 in human years). During her difficult life, she has been bounced around to at least 4 different facilities. At some point the tips of her ears froze off. But her suffering is behind her now and we plan to spoil her for the rest of her life!

In November we rescued five tigers – Andy, Charaka, Gabrielle, Priya and Seth – from a failed sanctuary in Colorado. Four of the tigers settled in nicely, but almost immediately we knew something was very wrong with 13-year-old tigress Priya.

She wouldn’t eat and her belly was distended. We rushed her into surgery and discovered an infected uterus and 20-pound mass that needed to be removed. Had our skilled vets not realized she needed emergency surgery, she would have died. Thanks to your donations, our amazing vet team saved Priya’s life and she can now enjoy her life in good health at Big Cat Rescue.

As you are making your year-end, tax-deductible donations, we hope you will consider Big Cat Rescue. We are so very grateful for your support of our sanctuary and cats! This year, thanks to The SHARE Foundation, Fields Galley Private Foundation and an anonymous donor, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar for the first $38,000 in donations, so it will go twice as far for the cats!

Best wishes from everyone at Big Cat Rescue for a purr-fectly healthy and happy New Year.

To securely donate online, click here:

Or mail your check by December 31st to Big Cat Rescue at 12802 Easy Street, Tampa, Florida 33625

If you already gave, THANK YOU, and please forgive this reminder post.


 Viewer Videos From

VIDEO ONE:  Nikita’s Breakfast  Recorded by Susann on Dec 30, 2016


VIDEO TWO:  Andy’s 1st Dip in the Pond Recorded by Ruxandra


VIDEO THREE:  Nikita Having a Ball with Her Ball  Recorded by Susann on Dec 30, 2016


VIDEO FOUR:  Andy Goes On His 1st Vacation

I recorded Andy yesterday in VR, some moments when he just get in. ~Ruxandra


VIDEO FIVE:  Jazy Vacation Compilation December 2016

Compilation and video clips by Ruxandra


VIDEO SIX:  Andy, TJ, Nikita, Spirit Feather, & Hoover

Andy in VR, TJ doing a cute roll, Nikita rolling and yawning, Spirit Feather being way too cute and Hoover swimming 🙂  Recorded 12/29/2016 by Susann


VIDEO SEVEN:  Andy’s Slow Mud Bath

xxx by Shawna


VIDEO EIGHT:  Andy’s 1st Swim

xxx by Shawna


 Global Cat News

ONE:  This is an excellent article about why African servals should not be pets. They are wild cats and should be respected as such.

TWO:  Dec 28 – So sad! Black bobcat snared on Christmas Day in N.B., only 2nd ever recorded in Canada


 Big Cat Kids

These two coloring pages are from a very special coloring book made specifically for us for an even called “March For Lions” a few years back by Pawstels artist, Melissa from

Click on the small picture below to get the full size page to save and print.

Free Kids Coloring Pages Free Kids Coloring Pages


a-playballQuick Link Reminders

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