Dec 31 2016

Photo of the Day - Joseph Lion Photo

Keeper’s Log

GOOD NEWS!!!!  Frosty Pooped!!  His “present” was preserved and sent to the vets!!  He now gets to go back outside to his enclosures!  Won’t he be a happy cat!

Sassy Cougar left some of her mush.

Cameron ate 3.5 lbs of turkey for breakfast.

Banshee left a ping pong ball size of his mush.

Joseph ate 3 lbs of cut up chicken and red meat.

Zeus at 4.8 lbs of pork and red meat from his breakfast.

Hoover ate 5 lbs of red meat, pork, and chicken

Sabre left a golf ball size of his mush.

TJ refused his breakfast so the keepers had their work cut out for them today trying to get him to eat.

Desiree drank more than she normally does.

Josie is drinking a lot.

NOTE:  The cats above who did not eat all of their breakfast will have more food offered throughout the day.


TJ Tiger is locked in his roofed section so we can collect a fresh fecal sample for the vets.  😉 Another present for the vets!


Upcoming Minor Projects

Add more still dirt to Little White Dove‘s lockout.

Put a larger feeding tile in Charaka‘s lockout

Put a larger feeding tile in King Tut‘s lockout

 Announcing Dec 30th’s Facebook Winner

Each day that Carole does a Facebook Live video she asks a question and someone who answers it correctly wins a prize.  So, go to Facebook and Like our Facebook Page and choose to get notifications of our live videos.  Then participate in the contests, join in conversations in the comments area, too.

The question was:  What living species of exotic cat is native is native to Australia?

Dec 30th’s winner is:  Natasha Renfro

Answer:  There are no living exotic cats native to Australia.


tiger clipart Random Cat Trivia

Australia was the first country to ban the importation of hybrid cats.  Hybrids are a cross between a wild cat and a domestic cat.


Grey foster kitten - fostering is cool Domestic Cat & Kitten Fostering News

Did You Know?  YOU CAN watch the foster kittens playing every day streaming live on the Kitten Cabana web cam!!  Find the link at

Here is a 360 video from Nov 2016.


kittens - cat art - ice cream Karma’s Foster Kitten Update

The planet kittens are getting over upper respiratory. Hopefully they will be back in the Cabana by mid week. The Humane Society contacted me about us possibly taking in a mom with 1 week old kittens, but as near as I know, they have not gotten them yet. Sorry, that’s all I have for now.

Assistant Manager/Master Keeper, Big Cat Rescue


 People Often Ask

People often tell us they want to help us teach others but that it seems too intimidating to even try.  We do understand that because we all felt that exact same way when we first started speaking out and teaching about big cat issues.  However, if you think it about as just having a conversation with friends (or potential friends) who also care about saving cats then it isn’t quite so intimidating to get started.

One reason people tell us makes starting seem too overwhelming is not knowing what to say if someone asks them a question.  Well, here is what we suggestion.  If you do not know the answer simply say, I don’t know the answer, but give me  a bit and I’ll either find the answer or find someone who can answer your question.  Then look through the “Quick Link Reminders” at the bottom of all our updates pages ( ) and you will more than likely be able to find the answer pretty easily.  If not then feel free ask us.  If we know the answer we will tell you, if we do not know the answer we will do our best to find an answer for you.

Note To Viewers:

A new section has been added to the Quick Links at the bottom of the page.  It is called “Answers To Frequently Asked Questions” and has been added there by viewer request.  It is a list of commonly asked questions that link to a page that gives a very thorough answer.

THANK YOU to Viewers:

We have seen many of you beginning to talk more to each other in the comments area of our social media posts.  THANK YOU!!  Did You Know?  Interaction like that encourages Facebook to show our posts to more people.  THAT is important because it means our message is reaching more people.  What a great way for you to help us help the cats!!!

 Facebook Live Videos

VIDEO ONE:  Joseph Lion At Dusk Dec 30th

Joseph Lion gives us a little roar at dusk before settling down to do what he does best; Look like a king! There were over 1800 comments, so I can’t go in and answer all of them that I didn’t address in the feed last night, but the most common ones were asking if he can have a mate, why he can’t go free, why he is skinny and has a bad eye and how big his cage is.  These pages will answer those questions:


VIDEO TWO:  Frosty Serval Goes Home


striped kitten art Note To Viewers

Many have asked about getting a pair of those cool glasses Carole was wearing on the live video on Dec 29th.  Jaime and Honey are working to get those added to our online gift shop ASAP.


 Happy New Year’s Eve

Tonight is going to be a scary time for your cats if you live where New Year’s Eve is celebrated.

Keep YOUR Pets Safe Indoors. The loud fireworks that often ring in the new year can scare pets causing them to simply run, and then either end up in the street, unsafe situations, or unable to find their way home.

You can try to make it up to them with these healthy, tasty cat treats and every bag helps feed the cats of Big Cat Rescue too!

Healthy Cat Treats


lynx leaping clip art Big Cat Challenge / Win A Prize

How Well Do YOU Know The Cats?

Here is a printable game for ALL AGES to test your knowledge of the cats at Big Cat Rescue.

Can YOU match all the cats with the correct species?

Be The First to print, correctly complete, take a photo of your finished work sheet, and post that picture in the comments of this updates page to win a downloadable Joseph Lion Sponsor Kit.

Name The Species Free Printable Word Game

Can’t Print Option:  If you cannot print the work sheet then type in the comments below like this:  Specie Name: cat name, cat name, cat name / Species Name: cat name, cat name, cat name.

Example:  African Serval:  Pharaoh, Tonga, Kricket / Lion: Nikita / Bobcat:  Breezy, Divinity, Nabisco If you do it like this, make sure you have used ALL the cats on that list.


 Year End Giving to Save Cats

This year we have 12 new reasons to ask you to please consider making a year-end, tax-deductible donation to Big Cat Rescue. And your gift will be matched dollar for dollar for the first $38,000 in donations, so it will go twice as far for the cats!

Our precious cats can’t speak for themselves, so we are appealing to you on their behalf during this season of peace, love and giving.

As 2016 comes to a close, we are so thankful for your donations, which allowed us to rescue and become the permanent home for 12 more exotic cats! In April we rescued Hoover, a former circus tiger from Peru. Kept in a tiny circus cage for most of his life, Hoover has really blossomed at our sanctuary and loves swimming in his lake.

Then in October, we took in bobcats Dryden, Kewlona, Nabisco and Smalls along with cougars Josie and Sassy from a troubled sanctuary in South Dakota that lost its USDA license. Sassy, the oldest of the group, will be 18 in January (over 100 in human years). During her difficult life, she has been bounced around to at least 4 different facilities. At some point the tips of her ears froze off. But her suffering is behind her now and we plan to spoil her for the rest of her life!

In November we rescued five tigers – Andy, Charaka, Gabrielle, Priya and Seth – from a failed sanctuary in Colorado. Four of the tigers settled in nicely, but almost immediately we knew something was very wrong with 13-year-old tigress Priya.

She wouldn’t eat and her belly was distended. We rushed her into surgery and discovered an infected uterus and 20-pound mass that needed to be removed. Had our skilled vets not realized she needed emergency surgery, she would have died. Thanks to your donations, our amazing vet team saved Priya’s life and she can now enjoy her life in good health at Big Cat Rescue.

As you are making your year-end, tax-deductible donations, we hope you will consider Big Cat Rescue. We are so very grateful for your support of our sanctuary and cats!

This year, thanks to The SHARE Foundation, Fields Galley Private Foundation and an anonymous donor, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar for the first $38,000 in donations, so it will go twice as far for the cats!

Best wishes from everyone at Big Cat Rescue for a purr-fectly healthy and happy New Year.

To securely donate online, click here:

Or mail your check by December 31st to Big Cat Rescue at 12802 Easy Street, Tampa, Florida 33625

If you already gave, THANK YOU, and please forgive this reminder post.


 Viewer Videos From

VIDEO ONE:  Nikita Sees A Fox 

Dec 31, 2016 Nikita discovers a fox behind the fence on the left. Pay attention to her line of sight!  By A Heart For Nikita


VIDEO TWO:  Those Feet!  Nikita on Dec 8th

Nikita being silly.  By Ruxandra


VIDEO THREE:  Who’s Chasing Who

Recorded Dec 3rd by Ruxandra


VIDEO FOUR:  Andy’s Breakfast Dec 31st

By Susann


VIDEO FIVE:  Andy- Drink & Spray Dec 30th

Where he sprays —->  YUCK!!  Andy!  REALLY!  By Susann


VIDEO Six:  Andy’s Breakfast – YUM? 😉

By Susann


tiger clipart Question For Viewers

Do YOU want us to post MORE of these videos?  More people are now sending them in so we can begin adding more to the daily list if YOU want us to.  Please let us know in the comments area at the bottom of this page.


 Global Cat News


The National Whistleblower Center (NWC)’s new Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program is launching a secure website and attorney referral service to help people provide tips on wildlife crime and obtain rewards from whistleblower provisions in relevant laws.  The program combats wildlife extinction by incentivizing potential whistleblowers to come forward and submit tips confidentially and anonymously.


In partnership with Tigers in America, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge acquired 110 new animals after purchasing the property and equipment of an animal facility in Colorado in October.  This is where Charaka, Priya, Seth, Gabrielle and Andy the tigers came from last month.


The Ohio Department of Agriculture tells 21 News that Noah’s Lost Ark was found to be in non-compliance with several state laws during their last inspection earlier this month.  Some include not having required cantilever fencing, or an electrical fence topping on its cheetah, lion, tiger, and wolf enclosures to help prevent the animals from escaping.


Group charges lion was starved at Cricket Hollow Zoo.  The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office confirmed it is investigating a claim by a California animal rights group, which won two lawsuits against the Cricket Hollow Zoo this year, that one of the zoo’s lions was subjected to animal cruelty before being transferred to a Colorado sanctuary.
The lioness, Jonwah, had signs of emaciation — visible bones and vertebrae — likely caused by extreme hunger and dehydration, the Animal Legal Defense Fund said in a statement last month.  Jonwah was transferred from Cricket Hollow in August to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado after the zoo’s owners, Tom and Pam Sellner of Manchester, settled the second endangered species lawsuit.


What the Rescue of an Illegally Captured Serval Teaches Us About the Exotic Pet Trade


It’s been another hit-and-miss year for the Florida panther, with record numbers of deaths documented at a time when the population is growing.  The bad news is that more people building more homes in panther habitat means more panthers will get hit on roads.


 cute tiger cub playing Cats On Vacation

Cheetaro Leopard is now on FunCation

Andy Tiger is now on Vacation


 Big Cat Facts – Lions

Lions are the dominant carnivores in their habitat and will drive away competitors or even kill them.

A Lion’s head & body can be up to 8′ 2″, and tail up to three feet, five inches.

A lion’s weight can be up to 550 pounds.

Get more lion trivia and lots of lion photos in a free book about lions at

Free books - Get a free book about lions


 Big Cat Kids

These two coloring pages are from a very special coloring book made specifically for us for an even called “March For Lions” a few years back by Pawstels artist, Melissa from

Click on the small picture below to get the full size page to save and print.

Free Kids Coloring Page  

Kids Craft – Big Cat Cookie Boxes

Here is a kids craft for the wee ones.   Click on a small picture below to get the full sized picture to print.  Cut out, then fold, and tape to make a box for a cookie.

What a fun New Year’s Day gift!!  Kids can give a friends a cookie.

Free Kids Craft - Kids Printable - Big Cat Cookie Box Free Kids Craft - Kids Printable - Big Cat Cookie Box Free Kids Craft - Kids Printable - Big Cat Cookie Box Free Kids Craft - Kids Printable - Big Cat Cookie Box Free Kids Craft - Kids Printable - Big Cat Cookie Box Free Kids Craft - Kids Printable - Big Cat Cookie Box Free Kids Craft - Kids Printable - Big Cat Cookie Box


a-playballQuick Link Reminders

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