Dec 4 2016

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Big Cat Health Updates

Nabisco and Mrs Claws are really enjoying each other now.

nabisco mrs claws 2016

Priya Tiger was giving access to her entire recovery cage yesterday and seems happy to have the added space.  She's still pacing, but it isn't that blind, frantic sort of pacing and she's chuffing at her keepers.

Hoover Tiger is recovering just fine, but can't go swimming till Wednesday, I think, so he's locked in the front section of his cat-a-tat.

Seth Tiger was just too big for the enclosure he was in, as it had a lot of platforms and things to do, but that took up too much of his floor space.  He was moved next door and seems to really like it better.

Priya Tiger will go in his enclosure, which is right next to Gabrielle Tiger, and I think both of these little female tigers will like that arrangement a lot better.

We just got word that Tutt and all of the remaining tigers from the defunct Serenity Springs Wildlife Center have found forever homes in accredited sanctuaries.  We can't divulge where until those sanctuaries make their announcements, but Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and  Tigers in America's dream of having all of the cats in new homes by Christmas looks like it will be a reality.

Dr. Justin did a necropsy on Chief Spotted Eye.  He found all of the internal organs to be bruised from the car strike(s) and thinks that it may have been a stroke or blood clot breaking loose, right as he was waking from surgery that ended his life.


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Vote for Big Cat Rescue

PLEASE share this with your friends and family.

THANK YOU for VOTING DAILY until December 7 for Big Cat Rescue in 2 categories: Be More Humble and Be More Relevant. SCROLL WAY DOWN at EACH link below and check the round bubble next to Big Cat Rescue’s name. Then scroll on down to click the VOTE BUTTON. (Big Cat Rescue) (Big Cat Rescue: Update Mickey Cougar)


Wild Cats VS Toilet Paper!


Do wild species of cats (servals/bobcats/lynx/ocelots) like to destroy toilet paper like their domestic cousins?


Cool Way to Donate 101% to Our Cats!


From now through December 31, 2016, all donations made to Big Cat Rescue through PayPal will receive a 1%match from PayPal! So 101% of your much-appreciated gift will go to our cats!



Facebook LIVE Winner

Vibeke Kolle Vendelboe Jespersen was our winner with Sundari's birthday.  Angie Leupold was just a fraction of a second behind her.



Hello Animal Advocates,

We have the opportunity to improve the Pinellas County Animal Ordinance with regard to breeding, the sale of animals, and flea market sales. Please do your part to either attend the meeting and/or send the commissioners e-mails and/or notify other animal advocates so they can get involved. The workshop is Wednesday, December 7th from 9am to noon in the Magnolia Room at Florida Botanical Gardens, 12520 Ulmerton Road, Largo, FL.

Please e-mail the commissioners immediately and let them know that you support the proposed changes to the ordinance. More information about the ordinance can be found at . See e-mail below from The League of Humane Voters. If you are not already a member, please join at .

We can make a difference in the lives of animals if we all do our part. Thanks for your support!



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