Dec 5 2016

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Keeper's Log

We have a love story brewing between Nabisco and Mrs Claws.

6 month old Nabisco

is introduced to

16 month old Mrs Claws

and it's love at first site for Nabisco.  By day two Mrs Claws has figured out he isn't going to hurt her and she's in love too.

Both of them have interesting rescue stories and we are hoping they will have a life long friendship since they can't go free.  She's been spayed, so there won't be any little "Christmas Cookies."

Kali Tiger wheezes sometimes when she eats.  She never does it, except when she's exuberant over food, but it keeps our vets checking on her regularly.

TJ Tiger acted like he was going to hack up a hairball today, but didn't.

Sundari Leopard is loving her vacation in the FunCation.  See the bottom of this page:


Thor Bobcat on Wildest Animal Rescues

Cool Way to Donate 101% to Our Cats!

From now through December 31, 2016, all donations made to Big Cat Rescue through PayPal will receive a 1%match from PayPal! So 101% of your much-appreciated gift will go to our cats!

FAQ: Why Don’t We Pet the Cats?

People often ask us why we do not pet the cats. This video explains that.

Animal Communicator to Visit Big Cat Rescue

During the month of December, Big Cat Rescue has been collaborating with Vegan Take Out to provide lunch to the volunteers each day.  This Sunday Barbara Shor will be speaking informally with them about animal communication and how animals view their own deaths.  More about Barbara Shor:

Barbara has been actively pursuing communication with animals since about 1996, following several years of researching holistic medicine once she left veterinary practice. Since that time, she has worked with individual clients, helping them gain a deeper understanding of their companion animals. She assists people to learn from these animals, who serve as amazing mirrors and teachers. Working with dying animals, while offering support to people, has been a particular area of interest and passion for Barbara. This is a very precious time when the veils between worlds are thin and the gateway to empathy and communion is wide open.

Global Big Cat News

The Global Wildlife Program has released the first-ever review of international donor funding for combatting illegal wildlife trade in Africa and Asia, which shows that over $1.3 billion was committed by 24 international donors since 2010, or approximately $190 million per year.

As a result of the charges that stemmed from an investigation, Mary Sue Pearce, the owner/operator of Animal Adventures, agreed to surrender her wildlife permits and transfer all of the wild animals in her possession to another licensed individual.   According to the Florida Wildlife Commission report, on Sept. 2, FWC captive wildlife investigators conducted an inspection in response to a complaint at Animal Adventures, Inc., located on a 1,100 acre property off Rucks Dairy Road in Glades County. Numerous violations pertaining to the record keeping, housing and care of captive wildlife were observed during that inspection, and the facility’s permittee, Mary Sue Pearce, was issued numerous citations and warnings for the violations, the FWC report continues.  The cited violations included failure to provide animals with clean water daily, failure to keep cages and enclosures free of feces, as well as issues involving the sizes and security of some enclosures.

Bears, elephants and snakes may be barred from circuses in Los Angeles after a city councilman introduced a bill to outlaw performing animals being treated like “toys.”  Councilman David Ryu introduced a motion asking the city attorney to draft an ordinance to make it illegal to exhibit or rent out animals like lions and elephants, and certain reptiles, snakes and birds, purely to amuse or entertain.  “Animals are majestic beings — they are part of our ecosystem,” Ryu said Wednesday. “They are not toys.”

A Santa Monica state lawmaker said Thursday that he is introducing legislation that could help spare a death sentence for mountain lions like the five-year-old male puma suspected of killing scores of farm animals in the Santa Monica Mountains.  The killing spree linked to P-45 -- the 45th puma tagged in the Santa Monica Mountains -- enabled a Malibu rancher who lost livestock last weekend, to receive a permit from a state game warden which allows the shooting of a mountain lion under such circumstances.  Bloom's proposed legislation would give the state more flexibility on how it deals with protected wildlife that might pose a danger to livestock, including the use of noon-lethal tools.

Lion tamer mauled to death during circus act in front of horrified families filming on their phones.  WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Video footage shows the moment Islam Shaheen, 35, was pounced upon and killed by the 200kg cat while performing in Alexandria, north Egypt.

Jabari the Lion, who arrived at Zoo Boise in 2008, has been diagnosed with lymphoma after veterinarians noticed he had not being acting like himself as of late. The prognosis for the 14-year-old lion is not known.

Shombay, Reid Park Zoo's 7-year-old male lion, went into kidney failure almost two years ago and was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. Thanks to a program training him to accept being poked with a sharp object, he is being treated successfully.  Dr. Alexis Moreno, Reid Park Zoo's veterinarian, says Shombay is on many of the medications a house cat would receive, but on a 450-pound lion scale. He is now trained to receive subcutaneous fluids twice a week — a form of dialysis — to treat his kidney disease.

3-month-old lion cub falls into open well, dies.  Read about how Big Cat Rescue is funding walls around wells to prevent this at  Read more about this cub at

Startled by balloons, killed for rituals: Six bizarre incidents involving tigers.

When in Dudhwa, do not disturb tigers; Tourists being sensitised as season begins.


YOUR Holiday Gift Giving Can Help Save Big Cats

Need some holiday gift giving ideas? has apparel, games, toys, etc.  There are even some unique gifts for the purr-son who has everything.

hoover tiger first christmas

Thank you Silver for this capture and decoration from the LIVE webcam



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