Dec 7 2016

Big Cat Health Updates

Priya Tiger will be moving to a more comfortable enclosure soon, so that we have the concrete floored recovery cage available for Gabrielle Tiger on Monday, following her surgery.

Today the Operations Manager was called to remove a turtle from Cheetaro Leopard’s cage.  How on earth!?!  Never a dull moment.

All of the cats are doing well.  Just typing that gave me pause to take a long, deep breath of gratitude.

nikita lion christmas list

Thank you Silver for this funny card


We are ALL Family Around Here

Staff Member (and my niece), Katie Nikic gave birth to a son today.   Novak Charles Nikic, 5 lbs 12 oz, 18″ long.  Here’s the announcement from my mother, “Yesterday I sent out an email telling how important December 7, D Day, is in our Country’s history but had no idea of just how important it would be for our family history.  Just 17 minutes after midnight on December 7, Katie gave natural birth just after four hours, of getting to Tampa General.  Mom and baby are doing fine.  Since Novak is only 33 weeks, he will have to stay in NICU until they make sure he is eating and gaining.”


Sapphire Tiger on Her First Vacation

Recorded by Susann Mesna December 2016 from



cub petting ad


A retail store called Rockin’ R Outfitters in Colchester, Illinois is having a tiger cub from the notorious Brown’s Oakridge Zoo at its store this Sunday for cub petting. Please call and email the store at 309-833-1555 and and politely ask them to cancel the cub. Cub handling is cruel, not cool.

You can also post your email on their wall at

Learn more about cub handling at

Learn about Brown’s Oakridge Zoo at browns-oakridge-zoo/


Facebook LIVE Winner

Elizabeth Whiley was our winner by answering that most cats have 18 toes.


9,750 total downloads through iTunes

LaWanna takes a lot of our information and images and turns them into books on iTunes and Kindle.  Here is her report from yesterday.  It gives you some insight as to what we have to deal with due to the animal abusers mis using rating and comment forms to hassle us.

Big Cat Care Book Cover“Big Cat Care had 451 iTunes downloads!  Keep in mind it was removed twice during 2016.  Each time using the wayback machine and our website info I was able to get it back up.  The first of those two times I think it was down for two maybe even three months before I realized it was missing.

Anyway, now I check monthly to make sure all our books are still live.

2 of our 3 cubs books have again been taken down.  Tomorrow I’ll start the process to find out why and again begin the process to appeal and re-submit and get them back up AGAIN!

Haven’t ran Kindle numbers yet, and no real way to track PDF downloads but I can tell you we get way more PDF requests than we do iBooks & Kindle combined.

All in all, I think our books are doing pretty decent especially since working on them is basically a hit and miss occasional thing, and very very little in the last half of this year.

Our first year was:  84
Our second year was: 3,010
Our 3rd year was:  3,940

Our 4th year, 2016, has more than doubled last year at 9,750

Keep in mind those numbers only reflect the books that are currently live.  The number of downloads for iBooks that have pulled pulled down either by us or by iTunes are NOT counted in those numbers.  I’ll have to check into seeing how to find those numbers.

In chatting with other publishers have found out getting your books taken down from iTunes is rare.  They have to receive several complaints for things like copyright infringement or violation of some other rule.  I HAVE been super SUPER careful to follow all rules and have sought help from tech support on numerous occasions.  Have not been able to confirm it but I am sure our books have been taken down each time as a result of trolls filing complaints.  The books that have been taken down by iTunes have most often been Big Cat Care, or something relating to cubs issues.

An example of that is our Lions book because besides the bios and photos and lion facts and BCR info there is a kids sections I used cartoon clip art to talk to kids about NOT petting cubs.  Clip art of sad lion cubs, clipart of cubs happy with their parents, etc.  So, the book directly attacks the cub issue.

NEXT YEAR, I WILL keep track of PDF requests.

New Year’s resolution for 2017 is step up my efforts on our books!” – LaWanna

While the trolls and animal exploiters do make our lives harder and do try to keep us from educating the public, we won’t stop until the last cage is empty and all wild cats are living free.

How Tigers Celebrate Christmas


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