Dec 9 2016

Keeper Notes

Karma took over for Gale yesterday, so here was her report:

Projects finished were water box done for Priya, barricade put back up around Moses & Bailey. Sod was dropped too close to the enclosure, so barricade is around that.  (the septic tank mound was seeded on top)

Modglin House (intern housing) has had all pictures/screwed in posters taken down for the work crew to paint. All the garbage on the porch has been removed.

Did not get shade cloth up on Priya’s enclosure or area by the cubs. ¬†(doing that today and moving her)

Per Gale, the outside hospital cage that Priya is in now must be completely disinfected and bleached out (because of her infection) before Gabrielle goes in after her spay.

New cooler fan works REALLY well. We may need to monitor how quickly food is thawing and adjust food pull times. Most of the mush was still frozen pretty solid this morning.

A person from CGM Cooler will be coming in on Saturday to install an on/off switch for the cooler. Whomever is coordinating can escort him back.

Most of the picky eaters ate really well today. TJ ate about 6 lbs total. Zeus & Zouletta did not eat well in the morning, but ate well in the evening.

Hoover has been fussy about taking his meds. He does like the ground turkey (ground chicken is his next choice, he spit the ground beef out) and finally took all his pill in that for me today.  (He should get cleared for swimming tomorrow)

I think that’s it for today. ¬†Karma L. Hurworth ¬†Assistant Manager/Master Keeper, Big Cat Rescue



Big Cat Christmas Sing Along


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Videos of the Big Cats from

Sapphire: Got to Move This Barrel

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Nikita: Those Feet!

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The above two were thanks to Ruxandra Nicolae


Take 2 on Managing your Facebook LIVE Feed Notifications

How do I manage notifications for live videos?

To manage notifications for live videos:

Click in the top right and select Settings
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Scroll down to Live Videos to make changes to live video notifications

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Global News About Big Cats

2016 Interpol Report

Abuse of the environment is the fourth largest criminal activity in the world. Worth up to
USD 258 billion, it is increasing by five to seven per cent every year and converging with other forms
of international crime. It is, therefore, a growing threat to peace, security and stability. This report
assesses that threat and recommends solutions that we can pursue through international
cooperation.  Get the 2016 Interpol Report

Trophy hunting in South Africa: Risky business for whom?

Trophy hunting has been presented as part of nature conservation which, itself, has been a tool to justify, and violently impose forced displacement of Africa’s indigenous peoples, facilitated through processes of rural enclosures, and privatisation of natural resources.


Need Help Explaining the Cub Handling Issue to YOUR Friends?

Do you ever have trouble explaining to other why petting cubs is the root cause of so much big cat suffering?


Here is a printable flyer that makes it really simple.



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