December 1 2017

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Big Cat Updates

SUMMARY: Highest CharityNavigator rating has been given to Big Cat Rescue again. Vacation cats have been switched. Contest has only 7 days left. Update on Geronimo, Keepers’ black and white photos, & more.

Cats on the Move

Sundari is now in FunCation.

Sapphire is now in the Vacation.  You can watch the live streaming web cam at


Charity Navigator just today published their most recent rating of us. Not only did we get our 7th four star rating in a row, but a numerical score of 100%!

(4 stars is their highest rating)

Did You Know? Here at Big Cat Rescue, literally 100% of your donations are spent directly ON THE CATS!!! We are able to adhere to that strict policy because the other sanctuary expenses, administrative expenses, salaries etc come out of tour fees and other sources of income. We are extremely serious about donations being used JUST FOR THE CATS!

Because of adhering to that strict policy regarding donations, and all of the other ways Big Cat Rescue is transparent in our operations, we have earned Charity Navigator‘s highest 4-star rating for “sound fiscal management and commitment to accountability and transparency” EVERY YEAR since we were first evaluated by them in 2010.

Please vote for our intern Aleesa’s video — you can vote ONCE PER DAY until December 7th! Big Cat Rescue has the chance to win up to $10,000 for the cats!!

VOTE HERE:  We started a couple weeks late, will you help us catch up?

ClipArt film Facebook Live Video Replays

Carole & Howard recently got back from a conference in New York learning how to better use Facebook as an outreach tool.  They are right in the front row. Outreach is a very important part of what Big Cat Rescue does.  Reaching more people with the plight of big cats both in captivity and in the wild is extremely important.  Change begins with education.

Many of you ask, especially after watching our big cats eat whole turkeys, if the big cats eat bones. Watch and find out!!

Keeper Corner

Jamie Veronica: Geronimo is doing well and has doubled in size.

Keeper Afton: I just love Zeus and his gentle soul. It might sound crazy, but if I need to talk or someone to calm me down, I go and sit with him. His presence always makes everything better!

Keeper Michael Heap: Zabu wasn’t feeling it for tours today… (Nov 27th)

Keeper Mark Mira: Chaos is a shy caracal but she does enjoy her new enclosure here @bigcatrescue

Jamie Veronica’s post from November 29th.

Where’s Waldo.. Um, I Mean Will Bobcat

Keeper Afton: Can you spot the bobcat? Will found a new hiding spot.

Seven Days of Black & White

Michael Heap Day 1

Michael Heap Day 2

Michael Heap Day 3

Honey Wayton Day 1

Can YOU write product descriptions?  Carole needs some ad copy written for our Amazon items.  Having better item descriptions that use more keywords will help us sell more items when means more help to care for the cats.   Here is our store link. Take a look at the descriptions of the items (other than shirts) to see if you can write better descriptions.  If you can send an email to and include you descriptions and the link of the item the description is for.



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