December 12 2017

Big Cat Updates

SUMMARY:  New rescue van, more info on new rescue Maya Cougar, videos, 2018 Big Cat Calendar, Foster kittens, shipping deadline changes,

Lauren Buckingham’s Coordinator Report for Monday 12/11/2017

Successful Ivermectin day today, I think the cold weather helped. We also had lots of help from volunteers.

Sundari’s enclosure was cleaned up and a guillotine door replaced ready for her to go back home on Thursday.

Breezy was very happy to go back outside. The recovery hospital was cleaned after her. A diet was made for her, for tomorrow.

A number of enrichment and operant sign offs were done for interns and volunteers

 Have YOU Missed Out?

Love BEAUTIFUL photos of YOUR FAVORITE Big Cats?
NEW Big Cat Calendar is NOW Available – LIMITED QUANTITY
13-month glossy color calendar features the big cats who call Big Cat Rescue home. Size Approx 8.5″ x 11″ when closed, 17″ x 11″ when fully open.

ClipArt film

Big Cat Rescue welcomes Maya the cougar to her new forever home. She was voluntarily surrendered by her owner to the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Check out her journey to the sanctuary.

ClipArt film Facebook Live Video Replays

The big reveal! It’s here! The new rescue van! THANK YOU, EVERYONE!

More info about new cat, Maya Cougar

Andy Tiger left the den by the time this went live, but at about the 7 min mark he’s playing with his ball in Tiger Lake . Watch more at

clipart lynx leaping

Cooper is a young wild bobcat nearing the end of his Rehab Journey. He will soon be released back into the wild where he can live wild and free.

This wild little spitfire ended up in Big Cat Rescue’s Rehab & Release program several months ago as a young kitten because he had been caught red-pawed in a lady’s chicken coop stealing her small bantam chickens. It was pretty obvious he was an orphan and was too young to survive on his own without getting into trouble, or worse.

Wild bobcat kittens need their mothers to teach them to stay away from humans, how to hunt and how to live in the wild. Robbing chicken coops would surely cost this kitten his life but he was too young to catch regular wild prey. Without intervention this wild young bobcat kitten would not survive.

Thanks to friends, like you, who use the AmazonSmile program we are able to save wild bobcat kittens like Cooper, give them the medical care they need, time to grow, and time to learn the hunting skills they will need to survive in the wild.

Every time you go to your own Amazon account through to make your normal Amazon purr-chases Amazon’s Smile program donates .5% of your PURR-chase to the cats, at no extra cost to you.

YOUR Smile.Amazon PURR-chases are enabling us to save, rehabilitate, and return young healthy bobcats like Cooper back to the wild to live as nature intended them to.

These are the deadlines for any of our custom items at

Due to increased volume and current UPS delivery times, we have adjusted our holiday guaranteed deadline. We apologize for any inconvenience but there are expedited options available for guaranteed delivery prior to December 24th. Any orders submitted AFTER 5 PM EST on Dec. 12th (today) MUST use one of the expedited shipping options below to be guaranteed.

Please see the chart below for updated time lines and instructions on updating shipping methods to be guaranteed.

Kitten clipart, cat art Foster Kitten Program

Kitten Leaving:

Tomorrow afternoon, the following kittens will return to the Humane Society:

  • Albert
  • Allison
  • Amos
  • Andy

Incoming Kittens:

  • Modglin Intern House is preparing for for six 4-5 week old kittens that need socializing.
  • Sand Cat Castle Intern Housing is preparing for three 4-5 week old kittens.

Both litters are fully weaned and eating well.

From Carole

This animated holiday video about a lynx and a cardinal family is sure to make you smile La Wanna. Do yourself a favor and take a peek at:

It’s so adorable you will want to use it as your own holiday greeting to others, so feel free to share the link.

Why did Blue Zoo Animation Studio create this adorable animation for Big Cat Rescue and Felidae Conservation Fund?

Blue Zoo said: Short animated films are a great way of raising awareness about a certain theme, and we thought your organization would fit perfectly our main character. We thought collaborating with no-profit organizations would be a nice way to give more meaning and importance to our short film (and hopefully make some good by helping you finding more supporters). Also, in the UK the reintroduction of the Lynx is quite a hot topic:

Here is a brief description of our short and short film programme:

Knit just got fur-real in Blue Zoo’s Xmas Short

In a short that would rival any Christmas advert in the cuteness stakes, Blue Zoo have revealed their hotly anticipated Xmas short, Lynx & Birds.

In a timely story about love triumphing over fear, we follow the story of two adorable birds in an Attenborough-esque wildlife mockumentary, that unwittingly reveals a chink in the food chain. When the birds come face to face with a fearful predator, the Lynx, there is a surprising turn of events that’s sure to warm the cockles.

Now in its 6th year, Blue Zoo run an incredibly popular company-wide shorts programme to encourage experimentation in the studio and a culture of creative collaboration. Everyone in the studio has the opportunity to pitch their idea, and everyone votes for their favourite, making it unique and entirely democratic. There was much excitement when the Christmas brief was brought to the table back in July, with two requirements – to produce a characterful creature and to create fur. Lots of it. Animation Director Simone Giampaolo and Art Director Francesco Mazza decided to take this to the extreme, producing a storyline with enough fur and feathers to test the capability of any render farm.

The Lynx is a character not commonly seen on our screens, and hat’s off to Blue Zoo’s look dev team who researched every movement, characteristic and behaviour of the Lynx, to produce possibly Blue Zoo’s finest ever creature. Typical of Blue Zoo’s shorts, there’s humour in abundance, and even the Lynx is comical despite his facade, in a pantomime villain kind of way.

And all this beautiful nature at play to a cinematic soundtrack of a 40-piece orchestra, composed by the legendary Brollyman.

“We always encourage our artists to challenge themselves and the studio with each new short, and this time they’ve really smashed our expectations to bits! From creating the challenging animals covered in beautifully rendered fur to working with an epic 40-piece orchestra, we couldn’t be prouder of the film everyone has collaborated to make.”

Tom Box, Co-Founder of Blue Zoo Animation

Notes to Editors

About Blue Zoo’s shorts programme

To promote a culture of creative collaboration, discover new talent and to push their studio’s experimental side, Blue Zoo run an in-house short films programme which is now in its 6th year. This allows anyone in the studio to pitch in an idea, and the whole studio votes for their favourite. The winning pitch goes into production with the full resources of the studio helping to make it.

These shorts have gone on to win numerous industry awards, and have resulted in some Xmas classics like ‘More Stuff’ and ‘Daddy Christmas’.

About Blue Zoo Animation Studio

Blue Zoo Animation Studio is an award-winning animation studio founded in 2000 by Adam Shaw, Tom Box and Oli Hyatt. The company has a strong creative ethos and a worldwide reputation for standout, high-quality animation and is renowned for making creatively playful CG animation. For over 16 years they have been crafting high-quality animation for broadcast, commercials & online content from their London based studio.

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