December 14 2018

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Big Cat Updates

The cats are shut in the roofed sections until tomorrow.

W@W! Just, W@W!!

L@@K What YOU DID!!

We want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have been diligently sharing one or two of our YouTube videos, EVERY DAY!  YOU are not only helping us reach new viewers with our message about the cats and big cat issues, but you are also raising funds for the cats.

BCR was just notified that the cats will be receiving $15,867.87 from the YouTube video views! WOW!

Often people ask how they can help, there are many ways to help that do not even cost money.  If you have some time and are interested in helping the cats through sharing a couple of our videos and posts each day please contact us at to find out about various online volunteer opportunities.


The Volunteer Committee is pleased to announce the following promotions:

  • Lacy Benton to Yellow Keeper
  • Amanda Fenick to Yellow Keeper
  • Austin Lacy to Level 2 Intern

Please join us in Congratulating them on their promotions.

Alexa Flash Briefing / Big Cat News

Find all previous Alexa Flash New Briefings at

Coordinator Report – Afton Tasler

What a rainy day, but we made it fun!!

Thank you to everyone that answered my plea for help, although the group tour ended up canceling. All other tours made it out today despite the rain.

Cameron Lion and Hoover Tiger weren’t too thrilled with all of the rain, so they decided to skip breakfast. Instead, they ate a pretty good lunch and dinner.

Food prep got done before lunch, so it left time for Tanya and Mazz to rake in front of Hoover Tiger both behind the barricade and tour path side.

A couple of people took classes, and lots of people got operant and enrichment sign-offs.

Amanda Tiger is doing well and loves lounging in her hay.

We had two carts full of boxes that all were unpacked and put up. Lots of supplies and bins.

Videos of the Day

Simba the Savannah cat loves fishy-sicles so much that he likes to tell you all about it! Om-Nom-Nom

Big Cat Rescue Calendar

Only a couple more weeks until 2019 is here! Do you have your 2019 Big Cat Rescue Calendar yet?

2019 Big Cat Rescue Calendar

2019 Big Cat Rescue Calendar

Calendar – Big Cat Rescue

Foster Cat/Kitten Update

Momma Sweetpea has found her forever home.
Please keep fingers crossed for Roberta and Sierra, who are still waiting!

Karma L. Hurworth
Assistant Manager/Master Keeper, Big Cat Rescue

Photos of the Day

Good morning Big Cat Rescue Friends! ☀️ Princess Priya Tiger wants to remind everyone that she is on vacation and that you can watch her 24/7 at or find all the big cat cam links at! ??? Happy FURiday everyone!

Priya Tiger

Priya Tiger

Edited: Using Snapseed

Apollo, Siberian Lynx, LOVES his daily afternoon sicle!  When cats get really old, like Apollo, they begin having kidney issues. When that happens, staying well hydrated is even more important. To help with providing additional hydration all of the elderly cats get daily sicles. We have a lot of elderly cats so as you can imagine we make a LOT of sicles. Photo by Alyssa Engiles

Siberian Lynx Apollo

Siberian Lynx Apollo

Yesterday was Natalia the Amur Leopard’s One Year Rescue Anniversary and we couldn’t love this gorgeous and feisty girl any more than we do!

Natalia Amur Leopard

Natalia Amur Leopard

Good night Big Cat Rescue Friends! ? Beautiful Miss Reise Cougar is wishing upon a star ?that YOU will make her dreams come true by making the Call of the Wild this weekend! ❤️ Will you? For Reise and all the big cats in captivity…let’s bring private possession of these big, beautiful cats to an end! You can call EVERY week! ??❤️

Reise Cougar

Reise Cougar


New Jersey just became the first state to ban the use of wild and exotic animals in the circus and traveling shows!!!

BCR has helped gain support for every iteration of Nosey’s Law, from sending action alerts to our supporters (prompting emails and phone calls) to having one of our very own outstanding AdvoCats directly involved in advocating for the bill’s passage. Congratulations to everyone involved and major kudos to our friends at Animal Defenders International and the Humane Society of the United States for their pivotal role in making this day happen!

This is just the first domino to fall… many more states to come and dare I say it, an end to big cats in the circus is in sight! What a grrrreat way to end the year! ???

Learn more at


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  1. Donna

    December 15, 2018 at 7:09 am

    wow…I didn’t know just by sharing videos I could help Big Cat…here we one! sending a note to Lawanna too! Thank you for letting me know! <3

    • LaWanna

      December 24, 2018 at 10:08 am

      Yes, Donna, sharing our YoyTube videos encourages YouTube to show more people our videos in the ‘suggested videos’ column which helps us reach more people who have never heard of us or our mission. PLUS, the cats actually make some money each month from the display of the ads YouTiube puts on the videos.

      So sharing our YouTube videos helps spread our mission and helps raise funds for the cats.

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