December 15 2019

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Big Cat Updates

Did you catch the news that rehab bobcats, Ash and Cinder, were returned to the wild this past Friday?

Alexa Flash Briefing


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Daily Memes & Quote of the Day

“Focus on all that you are, instead of all you are not. “

Memes and Quote of the DayCoordinator Reports

Karma Hurworth - Sorry this is a bit late. It was a bit of a crazy day. First off a huge thank you to Elizabeth Heath, Mary Jerome, Abbey Rivett, and Amanda Wright, for running things in the gift shop while I spent most of the morning at the emergency vet with one of my cats. Mary continued to keep things going so I could get shipping done in the afternoon.

Lisa Spencer-Novak did two adult tours, including giving Erica Forbes a shared tour sign off. Christine Hamblin did an AM tour and Elissa Pally did a PM. Backing up was taken care of by Adrian, Marilyn Halpin, Regina Turgeon, Melody Moore, and Kat Lightcap.

Lisa, Mary, Melody, and Kat all pitched in and got PM chores done in record time so I could get my cat back to the doctor.

Thank you helped me get through a really stressful day!

Dylan Lavigne - Friends, Romans, Countrymen, today was a great Sunday Funday!

Feeding was done by Abbey Rivett, Lynda Licht, Megan Myers, Brittany Mira, Bridget Sardone, and Rebecca Williams.

Afterward, Rebecca went straight on to a feeding tour and Sarah Copel gave Michael Heap a sign-off on the keeper tour.

Cleaning was done by Deidra Ritchie, Stephanie Witherspoon, Elissa Pally, Jennifer Ruszczyk, Rebecca, Megan, and Brittany.

Bridget and Sarah led the Auburn university workgroup on the project at the tiger cage behind Amanda. The bubbles they worked on look amazing!

Melody Moore, Kat Lightcap, Rebecca and Megan all worked on food prep and knocked it out before lunch.

After lunch Abbey, Megan and I cleaned up around the outdoor hospital cage and Becky Gagliardo came in to give all the cats ( and Walter the duck) their meds.

Thank you, everyone, for a great day!

Merchandise of the Day

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Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

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1. Video – A quick clip of Manny sharpening his teeth!
2. Video – Jinx is intently watching a nearby tour to see if he's going to get any snacks out of it!
3. Video – Cyrus Caracal is making sure his coat looks as impressive as his remarkable ears!

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