December 16 2017

Big Cat Updates

SUMMARY:  Walkabout videos. What did Geronimo get? Zabu’s cheek heart, Where’s Keeper Karma? Max & MaryAnn still in love! Telling the apart Lovey & Mr. Howell and more.

Andre has a notch in his ear that Amanda and Arthur do not have.

Andre, Arthur, and Amanda share a set of cages. Their cage has five sections and each section is about about 1800 sq ft. So, in all this cage set is about 9,000 to 10,000 sq ft. Each of the sections has a den and a pool.

GREAT NEWS!! Beacher has finally switched to a complete raw meat diet.  His favorite is fish, all kinds of fish but it now eating red meat, too.

Keeper Kathryn Stapleton’s Coordinator Report for Friday, 12/15/2017

We had a great group of volunteers and interns today.

Afton and Jamie put in some of the Christmas trees today, was a big hit. A lot of enrichment got done today.

Picky cats ate ok today. Cameron is liking Chicken drums, Joseph was hungry in the morning.

Pharaoh’s cage got started. Intern Signoffs for Operant and Enrichment got done.

That’s it for me.

clipart lynx leaping Cooper, Rehab Bobcat

Cooper will be returning to the wild in the very near future.  We will keep you posted.  Check out his journey from an orphaned kitten caught raiding a chicken coop to the grown up fierce little hunter he is now.  See LOTS of photos and videos of Cooper at

ClipArt film Facebook Live Video Replays

Evening Walkabout

Keeper Matt and Mac, Keeper Mark, too. Mac gets new hay in his den. Keeper Matt comes in every Saturday to do Mac’s bed.

Evening Meds and Snacks with Keeper Lynda

Evening Walkabout

Live on The Dodo Impact

 Show Your Heart Zabu

Hey everyone!! SURPRISE!!! you asked for it and Cindy Arthur delivered!!!

Now up in the shop on shirts!!


 Where is Keeper Karma?

When Keeper Karma is not snuggling & caring for domestic kittens in our domestic Foster Kitten program or out caring for lions, tigers, leopards etc where is she?

Well…. she just might be dressed as a Christmas Elf on roller skates!!

Clipart lion What Did Baby Geronimo Get?

Little Geronimo now has HIS VERY OWN bio page.  Several of you have asked for this adorable little baby to have his own page, and now, thanks to you, he does!

You can watch his progress as he grows up and returns to a life of freedom in Jamie & Dr. Justin’s back yard.

 Any App Developers ??

Are there any App Developers out there who would be willing to create a couple apps for us?  If you might be interested email me at to show me a sample or two of your work.

ClipArt film

Some of you have been asking for Max & MaryAnn videos.  Found one, you might enjoy.  It was originally published on Feb 10, 2017 which marked the 3 year anniversary of Max and Mary Ann bobcats. This energetic pair is still in love!!

If you want to give your favorite cats goodies for Christmas you can do that at

 Telling Them Apart Mr. Howell & Lovey

Mr. Howell (a.k.a. Thurston) is quite a bit larger than Lovey and his right ear is folded.  It was like that when he arrived here.

Mrs. Howell (a.k.a. Lovey) is smaller, both ears stand up, and she has the cutest bright pink nose you ever saw.

Mr. Howell is more laid back, more calm, and more sociable that his best friend, Lovey.

Lovey is shy, elusive, and BOSSY!!!  Sweet Mr. Howell seems content to let Lovey be in charge, or at least THINK she is in charge.


These two like hiding in the foliage and spying on the keepers.

Foliage is a great place to hide when you want the keepers to know you are ignoring them.  Lovey has that ‘skill’ purr-fected!  How dare those keepers give Mr. Howell his treats first!

They also really enjoy being way up high on the platforms that Darin and Jen made for them.  From way up there they can see many of their neighbors, they can see food carts coming long before they arrive, they can even see the keepers bring treats and enrichment before their neighbors see them.

The lower platforms are great places to hang out when it is close to feeding time. That way you can leap down quickly and sprint to the lockout just before the feeding keepers round the corner.


LOL, the highest platforms are also a great place to go when you want to ignore the enrichment keeper way down below calling your name.


When Lovey gets in one of her bossy, bossy, BOSSY moods Mr. Howell kind of steps back, lets her think she is in charge, stays out of the way and gives her some space.

When she is not being bossy she is being pretty lovey dovey and Mr. Howell takes advantage of that and snuggles her, bathes her, and lays guard while she naps.

 When you give Big Cat Sponsorship Kits as gifts this holiday season you can be sure it is a unique gift your friends and family will cherish and have the satisfaction of knowing your gift is also helping big cats.  Check it out at

More photos of Lovey.  I just love all her different moods.  You can tell her mood just by looking at her face.


More photos of Mr. Howell


 Help the Cats at NO COST to You

Shop for everyone on your gift list this holiday at and Amazon donates to Big Cat Rescue.

Photo by Keeper MaryLou Geis

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching we wanted to remind everyone that when you for everyone on your gift list this holiday at and Amazon donates to Big Cat Rescue.


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