December 26 2017

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Big Cat Updates

SUMMARY:  Injured Wild Bobcat on the way to BCR Hospital NOW, Jamie is also picking up a Savannah cat in Alabama, Big cats Christmas 2017 video, Keeper Corner, & Geronimo update

NEW Rehab Bobcat on the Way

Yesterday around 3:00 pm someone saw an injured bobcat by the highway.  They called the police and then they went back out about 9:00 pm to check and, sadly, the poor cat was still there waiting for help to arrive.  So the good Samaritans were kind enough to call someone else.  That kind purr-son went and captured to injured bobcat.  Carole is now on her way to the sanctuary hospital with the injured bobcat.  Dr. Justin dropped everything and is now on his way, too.

Estimated time of arrival is about 5:20 PM EST.  Be sure to watch at  as has a CamOp standing by ready to begin rolling as soon as the cat arrives.

Keeper Kathryn is at the sanctuary and has been scurrying around making preparations for the Carole’s arrival with the injured cat.

We suspect the cat is male and possibly has a broken back leg as he cannot stand or walk.  At first the worry was he might have a broken back but last night when they went to get him he did manage to stand and run a couple steps before falling over.

If it is a broken leg he will have to go with Dr. Justin to the Humane Society Vet Clinic in the morning where there are the plates, screws, etc to fix it.

Of course, we won’t know for sure until the cat arrives and Dr. Justin makes the call as to how to proceed but the speculation at this moment is: While we hate to sedate the poor cat twice but we will probably sedate him tonight to x-ray and examine him to make sure there is not something else bigger wrong that might kill him during the night.  If what is wrong cannot be fixed we do not want him to lay and suffer through the night. Also, this will allow us to make sure what is wrong can be fixed.

NEW Savannah Cat on the Way, too.

Jamie is on the road now with a Savannah cat from Alabama as well.  More details to follow, soon.

Facebook Live Video Replays

Injured Wild Bobcat arrives

Christmas Day Afternoon Walkabout

Watch as the big cats enjoys their Christmas season enrichment of trees and presents. Happy Holidays!

Keeper Corner

Keeper Afton 12/25/2017: Kali says Merry Christmas!

Keeper Afton 12/20/2017: Cat in a bag. Her expressive eyes just crack me up lol!!!

Keeper Afton 12/19/2017: Cat and mouse ?? lol

Geronimo Update

December 19, 2017:  Geronimo is a big boy eating big boy foods ?

Viewer Questions on this post:

Does he have a little Xmas tree there?

  • He sure does!

Get Geronimo’s entire story in text, photos, and videos at


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