December 28 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Alexa Flash Briefing


 Coordinator Report - Afton Tasler

There were lots of cat moves today. Zucari is loving vacation and is running around and chasing golf carts. Good job Devin Saari getting Mary Ann into lockout for her move.

Lacy Benton had her first day as a yellow shirt!! She took her cougar cleaning class today, and she is all set to get started. She also got to move her first cat today. Great job!

tours, Tours, and more TOURS!!!! We had more than 290 guests on the property today. Great job to everyone that guided and backed up a tour or even multiple tours. You all are rock stars!! A shout out to Karma Hurworth for taking on an impromptu private tour.
- Afton Tasler

Thank you for the gifts to our volunteers! Vermont maple syrup, beef jerky, maple cream. Steve C.

Reindeer candy canes for all volunteers. Anna.

Deb sent 4 boxes of Cheryl's brand cookies for Enrichment, Keeper Cafe, Partner Pantry and Staff. She also sent tiger socks and candy and who knows what else to the staff and sent me another glass etched image of Howie and me.

Barbara O. Sent some magnificent pieces of jewelry to some of the key staff and keepers.

Barbara P. Sent leggings with butterflies.

Joyce F. Donated iPads and electronics needed for tours.

Melanie L. sent Swiss Colony boxes to the Partner Pantry and Keeper Cafe. We received a round tin assortment of chocolate covered pretzels, gummy bears, caramel corn, etc. and also a huge box of petit fours (little cakes).

Andy and Bridgette invited everyone to their home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and Matt and Jen invited everyone to their home for New Year’s Eve.

Photos of the Day

Hutch Serval is a very handsome boy.

Hutch Serval Inspirational Photo

Hutch Serval Inspirational Photo


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