December 30 2017

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Big Cat Updates

SUMMARY:  Updates on Nat, Noel & Loki, Congress Naughty & Nice List, Year-end tax deductible donations, Kittens, Walkabout videos, 2018 Big Cat Rescue Calendar, & more

Keep Afton’s Coordinator Report for Tuesday/Wednesday 12/26-12/27

Tours, Tours, and more Tours!! Lot of tours going on from morning tours, kids tours, private tours with Barb, and afternoon tours, everyone was busy chipping in to make our guests happy and give them the best BCR experience.

On top of that, we welcomed two new cats to the sanctuary.

Noel the rehab bobcat was seen by Justin both yesterday and today. She was found on Christmas on the side of the road with two broken legs. She went into surgery at the Humane Society today to repair them.

Loki the male Savannah cat is in the recovery hospital. I managed to get an enclosure ready for him through all of the hustle and bustle of tours the past two days. Hopefully he goes outside tomorrow. He is pretty scared of his new environment, but I haven’t heard a growl or a hiss out of him. He ate today no problem.  We are using ceramic plates for him to ensure he does not eat paper ones. He ate everything I offered to him including chicken thighs, red, fish, cat food, ground beef, and mush. He only left a tiny bit of mush, but I offered a buffet because neither Jamie or I knew what he was being fed.

The two cages on the cleaning block still need to be cleaned.

Ginger is no longer getting whole prey of rats because she sees them more as toys than food.

Keisha is in heat but is still eating for now.

Keeper Kathyrn Stapleton’s Coordinator Report for Friday 12/29/17

Lots and Lots of tours today!

Had lots of great volunteers come in and help!

Cleaning feeding and food prep got done before noon to prepare for an afternoon full of guests.

Picky cats ate well today! Both Cam and Jo were loving turkey legs today. Cam ate 15 lbs today!

Noel did well today and has been eating well.

Loki came into lockout to eat today.

That’s it for me!

Congress Naughty & Nice List

This is one wall in our Call of the Wild room where all tours end. On the left are images of some of the horrible situations where we rescued big cats. On the right are the members of congress who should be thanked (green star by their name) or spanked for not caring about animal abuse they could prevent by passing the Big Cat Public Safety Act.

3,731 messages have been sent made through

Perhaps, if more people who say they love big cats would step up and put that love into action by making that Call of the Wild at at least once every week then more members of congress would more than likely have a ‘green star’ by their name.

Members of congress are only going to support what they think actually matters to the voters in their area.  If they are not getting flooded with calls asking them to co-sponsor & champion HR 1818 then, of course, they are going to ignore it because they do not see it as important to the voters in their area.  Their failure to co-sponsor & champion HR 1818 is also the failure of the voters in their area for not stepping up and making it known that HR 1818 matters.

  • Are YOU doing your part to accomplish this great goal?
  • Are YOU making that Call of the Wild? every week?
  • Are YOU talking to your friends and family about this issue?on a regular basis?
  • Are YOU sharing the links & on a regular basis?
  • Are YOU encouraging your friends and family to make the Call of the Wild?

If YOU are not doing your part, how can you expect congers to do theirs?

If we ALL step up our efforts in making that call and educating others then more members of congress will realize the importance of getting the Big Cat Public Safety Act passed into law.

Please do not sit back, say you love cats, complain in comments on social media, while waiting for others to step up and make change.  Change will only happen when we ALL step up and keep speaking out, together.  We are trying hard to do our part, but really need EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU doing your part as well.  We cannot do this without YOU!!

Noel, Injured Wild Bobcat, Updates

An injured bobcat was left on the side of the road for dead on Christmas until a wonderful family stepped in to help her. Noel has two broken legs repaired by our vet in hopes to give her a second chance.

Jamie’s update from December 29th at 4:00 PM

Noel is currently living in the recovery hospital. She will be there for the next 2 months most likely.

She had two broken legs on the same side. Here rear leg was broken and repaired with a rod, plate and screws.

Her front leg was broken in the forearm area and near the elbow. The break near the elbow was very complicated to repair and the repairs are very fragile. She has a rod, plate and screws holding this bone together. The break in her forearm is partially stabilized by the second unbroken bone in her arm. This break was not repaired. She must be kept very calm for the next several weeks so she does not damage the repairs or further damage the unrepaired break.

She has two hospital cages. If she will not shift for cleaning we will not insist nor stress her. Instead we will let her move in her own time. To get her to shift we will give her access to the clean side and cover it. We will then very slowly by leaning over the clean cage pull the covering off the dirty side towards you and then back away slowly so she does not startle.

She is very skiddish and thrashes around when she is spooked. This is very bad for healing. If her legs do not heal she will not be able to go free.

She will get her diet divided into two meals a day. She also has meds AM and PM. She has been taking these well.

Only rehabbers that have been vaccinated can care for her.

We will give her a little while before starting any dewormers.

Caring for broken bobcats is very tricky and tedious.

Thank you everyone for working together to give Noel the best chance at survival.

If you are able to contribute to the Bobcat Rehab and Release program please do so at

Learn more about our wild bobcat Rehab & Release program at

Meet the three wild bobcats currently at Big Cat Rescue:

Look no Further for Your Purrfect Year-End Tax-Deductible Donation!

We have 70 precious reasons to ask you to please consider making a year-end, tax-deductible donation to Big Cat Rescue. Their names circle the alphabet several times over: from Apollo (lynx) to Zeus (tiger). From Armani (leopard) to Zabu (white tiger). From Ariel (bobcat) to Zimba (serval). And from Ares (cougar) to Zucari (serval).

If you have already donated, please accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your kindness!

As 2017 comes to a close, we are so grateful for everyone who has visited our sanctuary, followed our cats on social media, taken action to help us pass the Big Cat Public Safety Act and generously donated to our sanctuary. It is only because of your financial support that we can continue to rescue abused, neglected and abandoned exotic cats around the country and provide them with the best possible nutrition and medical care at our sanctuary.

This year we have rescued nine exotic cats, including three in December! Maya, an 18-year-old cougar from Ohio (pictured here), was rescued earlier this month after her owner surrendered her to the Department of Agriculture in Ohio. She is certainly enjoying her large enclosure!

And Manny the jaguar and Nat the Amur leopard have just arrived from a zoo in Omaha. It’s been many years since Big Cat Rescue has been home to a jaguar and Manny has already stolen our hearts with his playful antics of storing all of his new toys inside his den at night. We’ve never had an Amur leopard at the sanctuary before and are enjoying getting to know Nat’s purr-sonality. So far she is quite shy.

You also helped us provide a forever home to a discarded Savannah Cat and you’re helping Noel Bobcat, who was hit by a car and left for dead on Christmas day, get the rehab she needs for release back to the wild.

Thank YOU so much for your amazing support of our sanctuary and cats! We hope the cats can count on you one more time in 2017 as you consider making your year-end, tax-deductible charitable donations.

Best wishes from your Big Cat Rescue family for a purrfectly healthy and happy New Year!

If you prefer, you can mail a check by December 31st to Howard Baskin at Big Cat Rescue at 12802 Easy Street, Tampa, Florida 33625.

Gift Shop Note

Volunteers & Interns will be helping Honey, our on-site gift shop manager count everything in the store room & in the gift shop on January 3rd and 4th.  BCR will provide donuts, lunches, & snacks on inventory days.  Everyone is getting ready for a “fun” couple days of counting, counting, counting.

Facebook Live Video Replays

Crazy Kitten Cuteness on Caturday at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL. We partner with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to make sure no kitten is left behind. Interns care for the wee kitties at night and volunteers socialize them by day to ensure they are adoptable as soon as they are old enough to be fixed and placed in their fur-ever homes.

Cooper has a nice bath in the sun this morning as he purr-pares for Caturday. How will you and your cat spend your Caturday? Watch Cooper LIVE at

Lynda Feeds Tigers Kathryn Feeds Lion and a bit to White Tiger.

We go in search of Loki Savannah cat, but get to see Natalia the Amur Leopard instead!

Afternoon Walkabout 12/28/2017

We were LIVE on the Dodo Impact this morning with Maya, Mac and Reise Cougars. How many other names for cougar can you list? (Dec 28, 2017)

Keeper Corner

Gale showing off her Christmas gift of Crazy Socks!

Keeper Lynda & Seth Tiger

Keeper Afton: Hoover does a BIG stretch as he comes down from his platform.

Hoover does a BIG stretch as he comes down from his platform.

Keeper Afton: Max and Mary Ann are always up to no good!

Amanda settles for an after breakfast nap.

Keeper Michael Heap:

Love BEAUTIFUL photos of YOUR FAVORITE Big Cats? NEW Big Cat Calendar is NOW Available – LIMITED QUANTITY

13-month glossy color calendar features the big cats who call Big Cat Rescue home. Size Approx 8.5″ x 11″ when closed, 17″ x 11″ when fully open.

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