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December 4 2017

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Big Cat Updates

SUMMARY:  Final total on #GivingTuesday feeds the cats for FOUR and a HALF MONTHS!! Beacher & Breezy updates, Can you find the heart in Zabu's photo? reminder, Office kitty update, Why can't you just set them free? Does breeding tigers in the U.S. kill them in the wild?  Why?

Beacher is on Recovery 3 because he got vaccinated today by Dr. Justin and we are testing him in the 4 x 4 wire to see if he can get out. If he cannot escape the wire, then we will put him back outside and open access to his much larger area of 4 x 4 wire, in addition to the 2 x 4 wire section he's been in.

Breezy ate better today, so if she keeps eating, she may get to go back outside tonight.

Keeper Angie Gabor's Coordinator Report for Sunday 12/3/2017

Today was a great day filled with hard work and teamwork! We were a bit short handed, but the volunteers and interns that were here were ROCK STARS!!! All the sections were cleaned and double checked. We had 3 cleaning sign offs and 2 feeding sign offs. Rebecca was the Super Star of double checks, enrichment and operant sign offs. Oh and by the way, she also lead the Keeper Tour!! Amazing!! The cats were very playful today, since we had such great weather.

Keeper Becky Gagliardo's Coordinator Report for aturday 12/2/2017

Beautiful day at the sanctuary. Lots of green shirt volunteers. Had 2 work groups - one completed the Cougar cubs cage cleanup and it looks great and the cubs have full access again. The 2nd one worked on Sapphire's enclosure while she is on vacation and it is looking really good too. All the volunteers and interns did a great job today. We had some rock stars - Sarah squared (Sarah C and Sarah D) they not only fed but they cleaned 2 sections and did food prep. Picky cats did pretty good today.

WOW!!  You All DID IT!!! THANK YOU!!!


The final total for #GivingTuesday is in.

YOU RAISED $74,352 which feeds the cats for a little more that FOUR MONTHS!!!

Everyone at Big Cat Rescue is extremely grateful for your love and support!!!!

Please vote for our intern Aleesa’s video — you can vote ONCE PER DAY until December 7th! Big Cat Rescue has the chance to win up to $10,000 for the cats!!

VOTE HERE:  We started a couple weeks late, will you help us catch up?

New Office Kitty Update

A stray kitty was found hiding under one of the Intern houses.  Afton befriended her and she is now the office kitty loved by all. The photos and text below were taken from Keeper Afton's Facebook page.  Visit Afton's Keeper Page to get the full story.

Office Kitty Update Dec 2, 2017

I stopped by to visit little miss Narla yesterday and today. Yesterday we removed a tick from her neck. She did very good to sit still! Today I brought her some supplies and some toys. So far her favorite thing to do is sleep. ❤️


Office Kitty Update Dec 4, 2017

Little miss Narla went on a golf cart ride to see Dr. Justin today. He confirmed she is most likely spayed, and she will get a rabies vaccine in 2 1/2 weeks. She weighed 7.6 lbs as she is just a tiny girl. He estimated her age to being 2 or 3 years old. I’m going to set her 3rd birthday for this coming February 3. This is the day I had to say my final goodbye to Narla angel 2 years ago. So now that day will be more smiles and less tears.

People Often Ask

We are in the process of adding some of the frequently asked question pages as "Note" pages on our main Facebook page.  Can you help us by sharing or commenting on those pages?

Posted by Big Cat Rescue on Saturday, December 2, 2017

Posted by Big Cat Rescue on Saturday, December 2, 2017

Fun Photo

This fun photo was posted in Big Cat Rescue's Official Facebook Group at Several keepers are now posting their videos and photos there.  If you love the cats at Big Cat Rescue, swing on by an join the group.

Can YOU Find the Heart in this photo of Zabu?  

If you find it, do not say where the heart is as that spoils it for everyone else.  Instead, in the comment area below just comment "I FOUND IT" and add a photo of YOUR cat!


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