December 6 2017

Big Cat Updates

SUMMARY: Updates on Breezy, Teuci, Beacher, 50% off code for NEW bracelet, New Teuci photos, see lots of cats on today’s video, Help with identifying cats on wild camera traps, and more.

Breezy is eating good some days and not as good other days so she cannot go back outside yet.

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Teuci Bobcat is getting his diet increased so he can gain some weight before being released.

Beacher is still in the recovery hospital, in a 4×4 cage so we can see whether that size wire will hold him or not.  He is NOT liking being kept inside at all.

It takes about $8,000 per day to run Big Cat Rescue.

Devin Saari’s  Coordinator Report for Tuesday – 12/5/2017

Today was a good day, although we were a bit low on senior feeders this morning.

We had a meat delivery full of pork and red meat come today!

A sign was fixed over by Nikki Lion

There was a private tour of 10 people.

The interns picked up the recycling that was all around the parking lot.

Picky cats ate well today!


Our intern Aleesa’s video in the MyGivingStory contest is in first place in the voting right now thanks to all of your votes! The contest ends Thursday, Dec 7th at midnight ET. Please continue to vote once daily so the judges — who determine which videos receive the prize money — can see that MANY PEOPLE want Big Cat Rescue’s cats to win! Thank you VOTE HERE:

ClipArt film Facebook Live Video Replays

Afternoon Walkabout – Have you voted today at

Carole talks about:

  • Breezy Bobcat
  • Andi, Rocky, & Sierra Bobcats’ story
  • Nikita Lion’s story
  • What is
  • Rescue team is on the road now
  • News about Cooper’s upcoming release
  • Teuci news
  • Beacher news
  • New bracelet & our Amazon store
  • Chat with Gale
  • Gales explains the new supplement & feeding schedule
  • Texas tigers
  • Call of the Wild
  • Instagram pop – really cool

Cats you will see are: Andi Bobcat lounging in her fort while Intern Aleesa maneuvers Andi’s supplement to her fort, Sioux & Lakota, King Tut, Nabisco and Mrs. Claws, Des, Mac, Reise, Hoover, Laugh with Gale as she fights her golf cart, Cameron, Zabu, Amanda, Arthur, Andre, Zeus, and Joseph

 50% Coupon Code – *NEW* Bracelet

Beaded Bracelet With Jeweled Leopard

Carole dropped the price in the Amazon store and is offering a 50% coupon code on top of that.  Email to request your personal 50% coupon code.  Coupon code is good through Sunday night.

Fashionable and comfortable to wear.
Sturdy elastic for everyday wear
Natural lava stone and genuine zircon
Every bracelet you buy helps save big cats
Makes a great gift for the animal lover in your life

clipart lynx leaping New photos of Teuci

Teuci will be getting a 3-day round of de-wormer and is getting extra food.  He needs to gain more weight before he can be released.

 Over 100,000 new images on AmazonCam Tambopata!

A note we received:

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Zooniverse, but it’s a citizen science project where interested amateurs help transcribe old ships’ logs, identify star patterns, record data from botanical records, and a host of other interesting projects that can only be done by a large number of people working together – most of these would never receive funding for the purpose because of the large number of hours necessary to complete the work. The one mentioned here is identifying animals recorded on an Amazon camera trap and since they are looking to identify individual jaguars who regularly pass through the camera trap, I thought the folks who love Big Cat Rescue’s Facebook page might be a ready source of folks to volunteer on the project.

The following is a message from the researchers behind the AmazonCam Tambopata Zooniverse project:

Hi there,

Volunteers tore through our last upload of Amazonian camera trap images, taking us somewhat by surprise! However, we are back with another batch or new images! The last upload included an arboreal camera trap survey with primate species new to the project, challenging all of our ID skills, and refining the expertise of our awesome volunteers. Many say these arboreal images are the some of the most exciting camera trap images they’ve ever worked with and we tend to agree – we can’t wait to get back into the trees to collect more.

In the meantime, our terrestrial surveys are revealing more all the time. In the last batch, we finally recorded a pack of bush dogs! These shy and hard-to-detect canines eluded our cameras for almost a year and its great to catch up with them. We wonder how far this pack ranges, and how many packs we have on the Tambopata, across the huge area covered by cameras. Time (and effort form the volunteers) will tell!

Finally, the shear volume of camera trap images means we are now in a position to start identifying and naming jaguars! Jaguars continue to crop up regularly on our cameras, which is not surprising – Tambopata has long been one of the very best places in Amazonia to see these spectacular cats. And we are now ready to start identifying them from their unique patterns of spots and once coded, some time in the New Year, each jaguar will get a name – something we hope volunteers will get a kick out of helping us with!

Thanks so much for all your help so far – the project just keeps getting better! Explore the new images now at

Mark, Dani and Mathias from AmazonCam Tambopata
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