Deer falls into tiger’s enclosure, dies

Deer falls into tiger’s enclosure, dies

26 Jul 2009 04:16:23 AM IST

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A nine-year-old spotted deer in the city zoo succumbed to its injuries after it fell five feet into the open tiger enclosure and got attacked by an alarmed tiger on Saturday.

The fall might have been the result of the deer having panicked by some movement or sound outside its cage, sources in the zoo said. Spotted deers are said to be easily excitable; the sound of a twig breaking is enough to cause extreme panic in them.

The startled spotted deer, in a bouncing motion, shot itself out through the service door at the back of the cage in which it shared space with other spotted and Nilgai deers. Some of the spotted deers in the zoo are lodged in the Nilgai enclosure because of a lack of space.

The consequence was it fell straight into the open tiger enclosure, right behind the Nilgai enclosure some five feet below. According to sources in the Zoo, the sudden resounding fall of the deer shocked an unsuspecting tiger, which, in utter confusion and in defence, attacked the fallen deer and rushed back to its cage. At this point, the zoo keepers jumped into the open enclosure and closed the tiger’s cage.

They then hauled the severely injured deer out of the enclosure. The deer was bleeding badly, the tiger had pulled out its intestines. The fall itself had caused serious internal fractures. The deer succumbed to its injuries before the zoo doctor could begin treatment.


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