Do you have a tiger next door?

Do you have a tiger next door?

July 26, 8:31 PM · Teresa Rowell – New Orleans Pet Rescue Scene Examiner

I just had the opportunity (I use that word loosely) to view a video called “The Tiger Next Door.”

If you have a chance, it is well worth the watch, though it is quite disturbing.

A man named Dennis Hill, living in Flat Rock, Indiana, has raised and sold tigers, among other wild animals, for over twenty years. The key word here is wild.

He keeps them in cages. Chain link fences like we have around our yards that hold our dogs inside. Only these have tops.

He breeds them and sells them. He says it’s to support the other tigers he cares for. Wait. Did I write that? He breeds them to support the other tigers that he owns? This is not a sanctuary that he runs. These tigers did not come to him from abusive situations. He bought them.

Some of his neighbors believe it is OK for him to do this and stood up for him during a permit hearing.

But then again, a very few question the safety of it. You see he can not own a tranquilizer gun or any other kind of weapon because he has a criminal record. So, if one of the tigers were to escape; well your guess is as good as mine.

I somehow just don’t get it. Governments pass breed specific laws in some states that are geared toward dogs. Yet, the state of Indiana has issued a permit for a man to own wild tigers? Can someone please explain this to me?

How much did you like this?


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