Do you monitor your pet’s litter box or back yard deposits?

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Do you monitor your pet’s litter box or back yard deposits?

As much ‘fun’ as it is to clean the litter box or pick up the ‘land mines’ in the back yard, the clean up provides you with an opportunity to monitor your pet’s health. The trick is to first learn what normal elimination behavior is, and then any changes in normal are an early alert to a possible problem.

Funny story…I used to own a kennel in Louisville, KY that kept upwards of 40 animals every day. Let me tell you, when you are cleaning up after 40 or so dogs every day, you find some interesting things in what you pick up. The most amazing thing I found was a regular size, completely in tact Popsicle stick. Ouch! And I always found brightly colored remains from dogs that had snacked on crayons.

The cleanup provides you with all sorts of information. As my dog kennel experience proves, you can learn what your pet is having for their in-between-meal snacks. Busy lifestyles often prevent dog and cat owners from knowing exactly what your pet might snack on. Finding popsicle sticks, crayons, or anything else in the ‘deposit’ gives you information of what needs to be removed from their access around the house. AND learning what you need to keep them away from could save you an expensive vet bill and possibly their life. A popsicle stick or swallowed ribbon can easily puncture the intestinal wall or become entangled and cause a dangerous obstruction. An obstruction not caught early can kill your pet. Monitor what is normally ‘deposited’ in the yard or litter box each day; any variation of the normal activity can be an early warning sign of a problem. The point is to know what is normal elimination for your pet.

If the above didn’t give you enough encouragement to monitor what comes out of the back end of your pet, let me give you a little more. In this scary time of pet food recalls, tainted ingredients from China, sick/diseased slaughter animals processed into pet food, and so on – regular litter box and back yard clean up could alert you to bad dog food or cat food. The body – pet body and human body – is a wonderful thing. Something bad goes in, often times the body knows to quickly get rid of the ‘stuff’ by any means possible. Loose stools could be a minor tummy ache or it could prove to be an early warning sign of a problem.

Get over the yucky attitude to cleaning up after your dog or cat. There’s a great deal of information to be learned ‘there’. It could prove to be a life saver!

Wishing you and your pet the best,

Susan Thixton

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