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If you are a pharmaceutical company wanting to save big cats, these are a few of the products we use.

We buy from Bayer and Nutramax through the distributor Patterson.

Bayer has Advantage (fleas), Baytril (antibiotic), Praziquantel (dewormer) and Profender (dewormer). The biggest size Advantage is the most cost effective. We use all sizes of Baytril. We use the bigger sizes of Praziquantel and Profender.

Nutramax carries our glucosamine supplement Cosequin (joint health). We use an equine product because of the concentration/cost effectiveness. We also use a liver supplement called Denamarin.

Ceva has a product called Feliway which is a spray used to calm cats who are stressed. It comes as a spray. If we are netting a cat, we could spray it on the towels we use to help it relax. We might be able to use it with cats who are recovering in the hospital (it comes as a diffuser also). It could also be used with the fosters/domestics.

Nutramax (we already use Cosequin and Denamarin) also makes a digestive probiotic called Pro-Viable that could be used with the cats who get soft stool. They make a fatty acid supplement called Welactin that we could try.

Sogeval makes hand soaps (for the hospital or food prep) and fatty acid supplements (Actis Omega Cat).

Hartz Mountain Corp makes litter, toys and treats that could be used in the foster program. Do not get any flea stuff from them though as we need gentler products.

Vetoquinol makes fatty acid supplements (Aller G3).

Virbac has antibiotics that we already use (purchased thru Patterson) like Biomox and Clintabs. They also have some skin products: fatty acids (EFA Z Plus) and anti-itch spray (Dermacool HC and Genesis spray).

We use a lot of fatty acid supplements and the brand we have now comes in a gallon jug called Optima365. The bigger container was more cost effective and easier to deal with since so many cats are on it.


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