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Dr Justin Boorstein

Justin BoorsteinDr. Justin Boorstein started out at Big Cat Rescue in December 2005 as an Intern who was studying veterinary medicine.  He became licensed to practice in Florida in 2012 and Dr. Wynn has been showing him the ropes at the sanctuary.

Dr. Wynn typically visits the sanctuary twice a week and when needed.

Dr. Boorstein has been spending his free time teaching volunteers and interns how to check fecals and has been helpful in our vaccinating schedules as well as emergency care.

Dr. Justin Boorstein works at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and rose to international fame as the doctor for the Zombie Cat or Zombie Kitty.  Zombie Cat, was a cat named Bart, who had been hit by a car, thought dead, buried and then clawed his way out of the grave to be discovered very much alive 5 days later.

More than 151,000 news reports circled the planet over Zombie Cat’s amazing journey to hell and back.



Zombi Cat or Zombie Kitty

See more about Dr. Justin Boorstein’s wild life here:  https://vimeo.com/41566377

In 2016 Dr. Justin Boorstein lectured to more than 200 vet students at an international conference.

DrJ ustin Boorstein Lectures 200 Vet Students2016