Eagle Pack Pet Food reported to contain acetaminophen

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Eagle Pack Pet Food reported to contain acetaminophen

Another pet food has been reported to contain acetaminophen – Eagle Pack Senior Dog Food. Expertox tested an unopened bag of food and found small amounts of acetaminophen.

The pet owner who sent the food – her dogs experienced symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, itching, eyes swelling, and more. Eagle Pack denies the food is contaminated – but no testing results from Eagle Pack have been released.

Couple of things with this – for one, there are many of these reports on the Internet and I cannot say for sure that they are all true cases of pet food contamination. This one – came with a copy of the report from Expertox. (Full release and Expertox report on www.Itchmo.com) I consider this to be a valid reporting.

Even though the amount of acetaminophen was small – it still caused some severe symptoms in the pets. This pet owner took swift action immediately after noticing a change in her pets behavior – I commend her for that. Just a reminder – in these scary days of recalls and tainted ingredients – it is vitally important to know what normal behavior for your pet is. Please be very observant of normal eating behavior, activity, and elimination (nobody likes this one but it’s important). A change in normal behavior could be alerting you to a health concern – and yes, it could be stemming from a bad pet food. It’s a judgment call as to when to contact your vet – but at the very least you will keep a close eye on things if/when you notice any abnormal behavior.

More than likely there will never be an official confirmation of the acetaminophen from Eagle Pack or the FDA. I like this food – and until this event, I had trust in this manufacturer. However now, there is even more to the story. When I read the report and saw for myself the Expertox test results – I quickly went to the Eagle Pack website and found an interesting bit of conflicting information. I have reviewed Eagle Pack for Petsumer Report. With each review, I call the manufacturer and ask them several questions including if the ingredients in their food are from US only sources or if they use ingredients grown or made outside the US. The Eagle Pack representative told me they use only US ingredients. However, when I scanned their website I found this…”In this global economy manufacturers are forced to buy some ingredients overseas. While most of our ingredients are grown or made in North America, the few that come from overseas carry Certificates Of Authenticity.” Two strikes against you Eagle Pack. One being the company doesn’t bother to properly train their phone representatives. Sorry, but if you don’t care enough to assure your employees are presenting your company to customers or potential customers correctly and accurately – it makes me wonder how much quality control they implement during the manufacturing process. Second strike is because I believe the test results from Expertox to be accurate.

When I choose a pet food or personally recommend a manufacturer to someone – it is based on several things. Of course ingredients and quality of ingredients are a major concern. But to me, almost as important is the customer’s ability to speak with the manufacturer. You would be surprised at how many manufacturers don’t have a phone number listed on their website – and don’t respond to emails. Call me old fashioned – but I want to talk to someone if I have a question about their product. Especially if I had a health concern with my pet after feeding their product! If I can’t reach them or as with Eagle Pack, they betray my trust – I’m done.

Prior to this event and the recent conflicting information provided by Eagle Pack – I considered them to be a reputable company that I recommended to pet owners. Now, I feel bad about that. I realize everyone – every business owner – makes mistakes. I hope Eagle Pack takes the same swift action as the pet owner and moves to correct this issue. However it seems that holding yourself accountable for your product is very rare in the pet food industry.

On the lighter side…

A really cute article posted on the MSNBC.com website discusses the new trend of restaurants becoming more pet friendly. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21655027

The article shares information about some new products these pet friendly restaurants and coffee houses are offering their pet patrons. Does Fluffy want a glass of ‘Meowlot’? Or maybe Fido would like a cup of ‘Doggy Java’ or if he’s feeling a little frisky how about a bottle of ‘Happy Tail Ale’? Very cute article with some interesting new products. I have not a clue to the nutritional value of Meowlot or Happy Tail Ale – but it sounds like fun to me!


Wishing you and your pet the best,

Susan Thixton

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