Ellusive tiger’s pugmarks found near Faizabad

Ellusive tiger’s pugmarks found near Faizabad

Express News Service
Posted: Dec 28, 2008 at 0338 hrs IST

Lucknow: As the stray tiger moved into the dense forest cover of Faizabad on Saturday, a team of wildlife experts from Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun has joined the state Forest department to help it in trapping the big cat.

Experts say the behaviour of the animal reflected through its attacks on the people reveal that the killings were not accidental. “Its manner of killing was deliberate. It even tried to drag a victim inside the forests despite the presence of several people in Pilibhit. Such incidents reveal that the tiger could be a maneater,” said PK Mallik, Director, WII.

Experts now advocate a change in the strategy to catch the big cat and reduce the number of people in the rescue operations. After getting information from the trackers regarding the presence of the tiger, a smaller team should be sent to the area to catch it. “We will reduce our team strength and undertake the operations quietly,” said RS Mishra, conservator of forest, Faizabad.

Covering a distance of nearly 15 km, the tiger has moved from Barabanki to Devait forest cover in Faizabad. The jungle spreads to nearly 1,000 hectares and, experts claim, is the ideal place for the animal to hide. If left undisturbed, the animal can settle in the area and can easily get localised.

“Whenever,there is any news about the presence of the tiger, people flock the area, forcing the tiger to move forward. We have to allow the animal to get localised in the area for at least three days. Once it happens, it will be easier to trap and tranquilise it,” said Mallik.




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