Escaped "pet" serval captured in La.

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We have good news about the runaway feline. Shreveport residents in the Broadmoor area have been keeping their eyes out for an exotic cat on the prowl. The cat that was roaming through backyards here along Standufer and Akard streets is no longer a threat to herself or anyone else. Now, she’s back home with her family.

Zahara is an African Serval, or to those who don’t know much about cats, she’s an exotic-domesticated cat. Servals can get up to 40-pounds, about the size of a medium size dog like a cockerspaniel. Zahara ran away from home last Thursday. Sending a red alert through her community.

Zahara’s owner, Carol Moeller, says she thinks Zahara got out when her husband was on his way to work last Thursday morning. He left a door open and she slid out.

Her neighbors called her and kept her updated with information about Zahara and finally, Wednesday afternoon, Zahara had come home. But it was that easy for Zahara to go back to her family and now she’s safe from harm’s way.

Carol Moeler says Zahara posed no threat to the community. She’s de-clawed and only will eat small rodents and insects. African Servals are considered exotic animals, but you don’t need a permit to own one in the state of Louisiana.

However, if you are an animal lover, don’t go running out just yet to buy one of these cats. Carol says it takes a lot to raise one and she doesn’t suggest owning one unless you’re positive you can handle the responsibility.

Carol says usually Servals leave a scent trail to get back home, and she was worried that Zahara’s scent had diminished and she’d be lost. Caddo Commissioner David Cox says when new ordiances were passed last year by the Caddo Commission, there were certain exotic animals that were put on a permit requiment list. It all depends on how exotic the animal is.

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