Exposing public to tiger was dangerous, illegal

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Exposing public to tiger was dangerous, illegal


Monday, March 20, 2006


Did anybody see the tiger in Farmington on March 6? Does anybody have any public safety concerns? I saw two pictures published of people standing around and being allowed to pet this tiger. After some research, I discovered that according to Maine/USDA regulations, this is illegal, even with permits to possess and exhibit exotic animals. I also discovered that Dew Animal Kingdom has been in trouble with the authorities in 1998 and 2002 for not conforming to laws that are appropriate for having dangerous animals, for the public’s personal safety and the safety of the animals.


This facility was also cited for violating several state and federal laws including possessing and importing animals without proper permits that resulted in confiscation of several large cats. Now, they are so desperate to gain attention they break the law and even arrange for the media to photograph it. Why is this illegal behavior allowed to continue? This is not educational nor is it saving an endangered species.


The general public and media need to see through this fantasy and be aware this is illegal and a serious threat to public safety. Stop supporting roadside zoos and pseudo sanctuaries that make a living engaging in illegal behavior at the expense of the animals and public’s safety.


Michael Edes






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