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Big Cat Updates

Keep an eye on http://bigcatrescue.org/wyeth/ to follow the progress of the newest rehab bobcat.

 Cats in the Hospital

Everyone is doing well.  YOU can help us keep an eye on the cats by watching the various hospital web cams.  You can find links to all the big cat web cams at BigCatCams.com

Moses is recovering from cancer surgery.  He does not like being inside but he is tolerating it.

Nirvana Ocelot is still getting eye drops.  She likes getting room service.

Little rehab bobcat, Nova, is still being treated for worms.  Once she is past that and has a clear health check she will be moved to the brand new rehab area where she can grow, play, and learn to hunt.  When she is big enough the plans are to return her to the wild where she belongs.  She is a very active, funny, busy little girl.

The newest rehab bobcat is Wyeth.  Wyeth is recovering from being hit by a car.  We are hoping she will recover well enough to be able to go free.

 Facebook Live Video Replays

VIDEO:  2/15/2017 Nikita Lioness Killed an Opossum

Nikita Lioness Killed an Opossum and Gale had to go in an get it.


VIDEO:  2/14/2017 Evening meds at big cat rescue in Tampa Florida

The cats get a big breakfast every morning.  There are a few cats who get multiple small meals a day.  What you see in this video is small snacks the cats get with their evening meds.

 Summary of Last Week’s Events

On Saturday the 4th of February, Big Cat Rescue’s Director of Outreach, Jennifer Leon, and Big Cat Rescue’s Outreach Intern, Helena, flew to DC to participate in the annual National Sheriffs’ Association Winter Conference. The National Sheriffs’ Association has been wonderful to support The Big Cat Public Safety Act, as they agree that owning big cats is a threat to public safety! At the event several Sheriffs and members of law enforcement departments stopped by the Big Cat Rescue table to chat about Big Cat Rescue’s work, and were interested in what they found out. Overall the event was a success as it gained more support for The Big Cat Public Safety Act.

Jen and Helena returned to Florida on Tuesday night, and then drove to Crystal River on Wednesday morning for a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission meeting. At this meeting, they spoke to the commissioners about protecting Florida Panther habitat and about the abundance of big cats in private hands within the state.

However, the week did not stop there! After arriving home late after the FWC meeting, these ladies set off again for Orlando to attend the Florida Animal Control Association’s 2017 Educational Conference. At this event, Big Cat Rescue was not only promoting their legislative and rescue work, but also promoting Big Cat Rescue’s bobcat rehabilitation program. Animal Control Officers are often called to the scene of injured or orphaned bobcats, and may not always have the resources to deal with these injured animals. After speaking to Jen and Helena, many Animal Control Officers walked away from the table with the knowledge that they could call on Big Cat Rescue to take injured bobcats off their hands if the situation should arise, which will hopefully save more bobcats in the future!

Overall it was a busy week, but it is good to know that Big Cat Rescue’s work and mission is being shared with so many new people!

 Big Cat Challenge / Invitation

We will be Live on The Dodo today at 5:00 EST.  We sincerely appreciate The Dodo letting us go live in front of their audience.  It gives us a wonderful opportunity to reach many new viewers with our mission to save big cats.  YOU CAN HELP by coming over and joining the conversations, helping us answer questions and helping us give people links to answer their questions.

The abusers and exploiters have been trying to sabotage those live feeds on The Dodo by posting their nonsense in the comments.  Here is a link you can post as a reply to their comments.  http://bigcatrescue.org/lies/ That link will help explain just about any of the lies and nonsense they post.

We suggest you do NOT stoop to their level, do not argue with them.  They will try to suck you into arguments or name calling or they will try to push you into being rude, but don’t let them do it.  YOU stay kind, polite, and teaching.  Ignore the trolls and focus instead on setting a good example by kindly and patiently teaching those who really care about what is right for the cats.   Our goal is to reach and teach those who want to help save cats.

This is a wonderful opportunity!  Come on over and help us reach & teach more viewers who love big cats.  Your help, kindness, and knowledge about the cats and our mission would greatly appreciated.  5:00 PM EST at https://www.facebook.com/thedodosite/  See YOU There!  While there, please be sure to THANK The Dodo for spreading the word about big cats and issues facing them.

Live Love Rescue Cat Rescue


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