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Big Cat Updates

Seth is doing well. He is out and about, eating all his food, and taking his meds like a good boy.

 Facebook Live Video Replays

VIDEO:  Evening Meds in the Rain w/ Kathryn

Even when it rains, the cats still have to get their meds and extra snacks. Grab a towel to keep your screen dry.

We cannot express how much we appreciate the dedication these keepers have to the cats in their care.  We are so excited and anxiously awaiting the opening on the new Keeper Cafe’ as a way of showing how much we appreciate their efforts are appreciated.



We will be Live on The Dodo tomorrow, Friday, around 1:00 PM EST.

Here is the link if YOU would have time to hop on there and help us talk to newcomers and make them feel welcome.  Any help you can give answering questions, sharing links to help newcomers find more information about the cats and issues would be greatly appreciated.  https://www.facebook.com/thedodosite/

Remember the Quick Links page is a great one to refer to when doing that. Here is the link for that or you can find it at the bottom of any updates page. http://bigcatrescue.org/quick-links/

We also, need to be sure to THANK The Dodo for sharing the cats with their huge audience!  They have over 9 million Facebook Page Likes so this is a wonderful opportunity for us to reach nore people with our mission to save big cats from abusers and exploiters.  YOU can be a huge part of this just by hopping on there and purr-ticipating in the comments.

 Facebook Live Contest

Each day that Carole does a Facebook Live video she asks a question and someone who answers it correctly wins a prize. So, go to Facebook and Like our Facebook Page and choose to get notifications of our live videos. Then participate in the contests, join in conversations in the comments area, too. Be sure to book mark BigCatRescue.org/win which is where you will post your answer to qualify for a future prize if you are the first one to get the correct answer.

2/22/2017 Contest

Question:  What is TJ’s date of birth?

Winner:  Leah Klien

Answer:  1/1/1999

Winner’s Chosen Prize:  Prizes can be chosen from BigCatRescue.biz or at CatRescue.biz What a prize is chosen, we will sometimes post it here.

Note To Viewers:  Today, the PURR-ticipation photo has been changed.  For the next few days it will be a 300 DPI 8″x 10″ photo of Resise Cougar.

 Keeper Fun Photos & Notes

If you go to the end of a rainbow you’ll find a grumpy lion called Joseph.  ~Keeper Rebecca W.

A viewer also emailed me photos of this that are even more close up, but I cannot find the email.  I’ll keep looking and will post that when I find it.


This Keeper Note is from a while back but found it in my email box and thought you might enjoy it as well.

Keeper Rebecca W.:  Andre and Arthur usually get treats on the Keeper Tour but their sister Amanda stays away because she is not a fan of groups. So after the tour I made sure to go back and give her some treats too. She is a fierce tiger but was very well behaved during our operant conditioning session.


Another past Keeper Note from Rebecca W.:  Josie Cougar waiting for her breakfast.


 Big Cat Gift Shop

The Snow Leopard Trust is a great non-profit who is working to save the snow leopard in the wild.  They have some wonderful programs with the local villagers that has the villagers working to help save the snow leopard in the wild as well.  Big Cat Rescue believes in the work they are doing and for many years has set aside a section of out gift shop at the sanctuary to sell only products from The Snow Leopard Trust. Big Cat Rescue does not keep any of the funds from the sale of those items.  It all goes to The Snow Leopard Trust to support their programs for saving the snow leopard in the wild.   We promote The Snow Leopard Trust because the programs they do really are making a difference in saving snow leopards in the wild.

This is a cap that we carry in our gift shop to support The Snow Leopard Trust.  Gray baseball cap with embroidered snow leopard and mountain landscape on front and snow leopard.org on back. An adjustable fastener makes it a one size fits most item.

Snow Leopard Trust Mug

Support the conservation of wild snow leopards with this pawsome 11oz. mug.  Features 2 beautiful snow leopards and the text; Snow Leopard Trust www.snowleopard.org.


Snow Leopard Trust Eco Tote

Check out this bright and colorful snow leopard tote. Go Green and save plastic bags when you bring this great tote along for shopping! Perfect for hauling all your holiday purchases, groceries, even library books. Measures approximately 20” x 15” A portion of the proceeds benefit the Snow Leopard Trust. This group helps preserve the wild snow leopard while helping the neighboring villagers who live among these cats.

See more items in our gift shop that supports The Snow Leopard Trust:  http://big-cat-rescue.myshopify.com/search?q=snow+leopard+trust

 How Did BCR Start Supporting The Snow Leopard Trust?

This is an excerpt from  http://bigcatrescue.org/save-snow-leopards/ if you’d like to read more about how and why we started supporting this organization.

In 1997 our current President, Jamie Veronica, then age 16, came to me (Carole) with what was possibly the ugliest, scratchy brown, round, wooly thing I had ever seen.  I wasn’t sure what it was, but she was brightly insisting that if we could figure out a way to sell them we could save the snow leopard in the wild.  As she shared the newsletter from the Snow Leopard Trust announcing its new program to sell handicrafts made in Mongolia to encourage the local people to protect the snow leopards it seemed like a good idea, brilliant in fact, but who was going to buy this stuff?

Our then modest number of visitors who have come into our living room/ gift shop after walking for two hours in 95degree heat, were not going to be clamoring to buy hats, scarves and mittens made from camel wool.  Maybe those round things could serve some purpose;  oven mitt?  door mat?  wooly Frisbee?  Sales were slow, but Jamie persisted and we always had some sort of Irbis Enterprise gear, now known as Snow Leopard Enterprise, since no one spoke Mongolian and knew that Irbis is their word for Snow Leopard.

When Cynthia and Sharon took over the gift shop in 2005 they brought new passion to the task of selling a broader array that now includes Christmas tree ornaments and pet toys and sales began reaching a more respectable level.  One whole corner of the gift shop explains how the sale of these items helps save the snow leopard in the wild.

Big Cat Rescue supports the Snow Leopard Trust by selling Erbis Enterprises items in our gift shop.

So, then What is The Snow Leopard Trust?  Why is what they do so important to wild snow leopards?

Snow leopards are the most elusive of the great cats – perfectly camouflaged for their rocky mountain habitat in the Himalayas and the mountains of Central Asia. Despite living in some of the harshest terrain on earth, and at the highest altitudes, snow leopards are seriously threatened in the wild. These cats share the high mountains with nomadic herders who eke out a subsistence living with their yaks, horses, sheep and goats on the alpine pastures. Conflicts arise between these tough mountain people and snow leopards when occasionally the cats try to take domestic livestock, which the people depend on for every aspect of their life. When this happens, the people sometimes try to kill the cats in retribution. Poverty leaves them no other option.

The International Snow Leopard Trust is dedicated to “conserve the endangered snow leopard and its mountain ecosystem through a balanced approach that considers the needs of local people and the environment.” One of the programs being implemented helps the nomadic herders who share the mountains with snow leopards to increase their household income by making and marketing handicrafts. In return for the extra income herders commit to specific actions that will help the snow leopard. This program is called Irbis Enterprises (Irbis means snow leopard in many central Asian languages, including Mongolian) ISLT also supports ways of reducing livestock losses so that conflicts do not occur so often.

These items fund villagers in snow leopard regions as long as no snow leopard is killed in their area. That makes everyone a snow leopard protector.

The Snow Leopard Trust’s Mission:  The Snow Leopard Trust aims to better understand the endangered snow leopard, and to protect the cat in partnership with the communities that share its habitat.

The snow leopard lives in regions where the average person makes the equivalent of $1.00 per day.  Most of the people who share the same highlands with the snow leopard are herders and to them, the loss of one sheep or goat can mean the difference in their survival.  Most of the snow leopards that are killed are retribution killings; meaning that the cat has been blamed for killing one of the herd and the herdsman has killed the next snow leopard he saw.  The herdsman can eat the cat and sell the hide for 25.00 which for them is a month’s wage.  There are many other middle men along the way who are anxious to get their hands on a snow leopard pelt or penis for the Asian medicinal trade or for the black market.  The pelt dramatically becomes more valuable as it goes down the line and can cost $5,000.00 or more to the final buyer.   Brad pointed out, that it is a good thing that the dead animal is worth so little to the people who are most responsible for killing them however as that makes this practice far more financially feasible to stop.

The Snow Leopard Trust members in China, India, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia and Pakistan work closely with the local people to find out what they need.  In some cases, they can create handicrafts like those we sell and make five times what they can make from herding.  Over the years, the Snow Leopard Trust has brought in marketing people and craftsmen to show the local people how to create items that are marketable.

In some cases, parasites wipe out 10 times as many of their livestock as do predators, so by providing vaccines and wormers, they can help the herders save far more of their flock.  What the Snow Leopard Trust does, differently than most who have come before, is that they LISTEN, find solutions that everyone is happy with and they make the programs self sustaining so that the indigenous people can take pride in their accomplishments and not be reliant on charity.

The programs are structured with reducing reliance on Snow Leopard Trust funds for each consecutive year and to remain in the program the community must ensure that no snow leopards are killed.  If anyone in the community kills a snow leopard, the entire community risks losing their right to participate in the program for a year and that is enough to keep everyone watching out for the snow leopard.  Their claims of protection must verified by the game wardens and governmental agencies who actually have incentives to discover poaching because they are often paid a portion of the confiscation if they can catch a poacher.

We may never get to see one of these glorious cats leaping 40 feet from one rocky ledge to another in an effortless ballet but we can watch our Snow Leopard Trust Screen Savers and imagine what it would be like to stand there in awe at the sight of them living free and we can do it knowing that by purchasing the screensavers and other great Snow Leopard Enterprise items online we helped make that dance possible.  Brad told us that next to his organizations’ founders’ zoo in Seattle, Big Cat Rescue is the largest retailer for Snow Leopard Enterprises.

Learn more about Snow Leopards at:  http://bigcatrescue.org/snow-leopard-facts/

Go to the page that the above excerpts were taken from:  http://bigcatrescue.org/save-snow-leopards/

Visit The Snow Leopard Trust:  SnowLeopard.org

 Snow Leopard Photos


 Big Cat Rehab Page Updated

This page on Big Cat Rescue’s website has been updated: http://bigcatrescue.org/bobcat-rehab/

 Kali Tiger’s Previous Vacation Mix

Explore.org/bigcatrescue Viewer, Susann, took several video clips of Kali’s previous vacations and compiled them into a great video.  If you enjoy this video, please tell Viewer Susann THANK YOU in the comments below.  The video is less than a minute and a half.


VIDEO:  Leopards VS Pinata

 Viewer Videos From Explore.org/bigcatrescue

There are some GREAT videos recorded by viewers at explore.org/bigcatrescue that you will really enjoy watching.

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

Kitten clipart, cat art Cole & Marmalade’s Corner

If you’ve never given your cats a suitcase to investigate, I highly recommend it… We have a couple of smaller one around the house that Cole and Marm use as cat beds 🙂

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page http://bigcatrescue.org/quick-links/

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions


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