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Big Cat Updates

Her name is Nova!  Thank you everyone who suggested such great names for the most recent bobcat kitten to be rescued for rehab back to the wild.  See the 415 suggestions.

NOTE:  YOUR VOTE at VoteCats.com will help us rescue, rehab, and release more bobcats like Nova. PLEASE, keep asking friends and family to vote as well.  If the cats are going to win this they will need to keep those votes coming in, every day.

Nova means new in Latin (appropriate since she will be the first in the new rehab cages). It also means chases butterflies in Hopi (Native American).

Cat Lab Report Results

Moses: He was recently sedated for the first time (since he was a kitten) in 16 years.  He is notorious for chewing on his plants and getting palm frond sticks stuck across the roof of his mouth. We are usually able to get them out with an operant stick, but this recent one would not budge.  Upon his exam we found that his upper molars on both sides had sustained damage from another stick some time ago as the dental disease had progressed.  The stick was removed and two upper molars on both sides as well as one lower molar were bad and so they were extracted.  Now Moses has no chewing teeth.  He must be on a soft food diet forever and any meats that are given to him must be pieces small enough to swallow as he can not chew them up.  In addition to the dental issues, we found a mass on his right rear foot.  Samples were sent to the lab for testing.  He and Bailey are now back together.

Angie: She was a little bit anemic and her kidney values have increased, although, not a whole lot since she was last sedated in April.  She had one rear molar removed and was shaved.  We have scheduled her to get shaved every 4-5 months depending on how quickly her fur grows in.  For those of you who do not know she has very bad arthritis in her spine that makes it very difficult for her to groom herself.  Because we need to be able to catch her in lockout when it is time to sedate her for a shave we need to feed her in the lock out and do operant with her in the lock out to get her used to being in there and not being afraid.

Nirvana: She was recently sedated to check out her thyroid levels as she is on medication for thyroid issues and in order to give her the correct dose she required follow up bloodwork.  Her thyroid disease is under control now, but now that it is, her kidney values are reading more accurately.  She has significant kidney disease.  Her thyroid medication has been adjusted and she is being kept in the cat hospital for the time being as the ulcer on her eye returned and she requires eye drops 4 times a day.


 Valspar Tournament Contest Update

When you vote and share the contest for us YOU ARE HELPING us rescue, rehab, and release wild bobcat kittens like Nova.

VIDEO:  Nova’s Nighttime Play 2/3/2017

By Donna

CLICK HERE to watch more videos of Nova, the Rehab Bobcat by Donna


Request to Viewers:  In this second phase of the contest EACH VOTE you get for us can mean about $3 for the cats.  Just think how much that would be for the bobcat rehab and release program if every purr-son in your family went to VoteCats.com and voted for Big Cat Rescue.  The cats currently have 12, 590 votes which is a lot and we are sincerely thankful for each of those votes.  However, to win this the cats will need several thousand more votes.

Can YOU please not give up?  We need everyone to continue their great wonderful efforts by each day asking even one friend to vote.

 Facebook Live Video Replays

VIDEO:  Evening Meds w/ Gale, Regina, & Kathryn

We check in on Zeus, Hoover, Gabrielle, Priya and others.

Have you had a chance to ask a friend to go to VoteCats.com yet, today?


VIDEO:  Project Day 2/2/2017

We check in on Big Cat Rescuers who are working on projects for Sundari Leopard and Mac Cougar, meet Jade & Armani Leopard and then Reise Cougar on FunCation and then go see what mods Jamie is making to the new bobcat rehab area so the new bobcat kitten can go to an outside enclosure and start her journey back to the wild.


VIDEO:  2/2/2017 Quick peek in on Hoover Tiger and then Cheetaro Leopard.

Hoover is napping in the den.


VIDEO:  2/1/2017 Carole Follows Keepers as they feed

This video is being reposted per viewer request.

 Keeper Fun Photo

Lauren gives Zeus his morning eye drops. He was very cooperative for her this morning. ~Keeper Rebecca W


Where does Nikita go when she is not in the open topped enclosure that is viewable by the streaming cam?  She has roofed sections.  In this snapshot she is lounging on top of her big den in one of those roofed sections.

Nikita just ‘lion’ around.  Photo by Keeper Marie S


 Foster Cat & Kitten News

Karma’s note to interns:

Please welcome momma Macy and her 5 three week old kittens! She appears to be a good, attentive mom, and her kittens look great, so she will probably do most of the work.

If you go to the Himalayan House, please change your clothes and wash thoroughly before handling these new little guys.

Note to Viewers:  This means SOON there will be new kittens in the Kitten Cabana.  They are still to little, but will soon be big enough to go have play time.

Adoptions:  Lena, Mariana & Nick all went to forever homes this week. Lena went home with Melanie and Jonathan!

Note to Viewers:  Here is a little background info for you.  Big Cat Rescue provides housing for interns, here on grounds.  Each intern dorm has a name, one of those happens to be Himalayan House, where the new momma and kittens are currently staying.  The kittens you normally see in the Kitten Cabana actually live with the interns in one of the intern dorms.  The kittens go into the Kitten Cabana during the day while the interns are busy caring for the big cats.

More information about our Internship Program can be found at: http://bigcatrescue.org/get-involved/volunteer/intern  

 BigCatTV.com Videos & People Frequently Ask

In case you missed yesterday’s FAQ Friday Video, here is the replay.

Many of you frequently ask what happens to the big cats after they pass away. This video explains what we do with their remains.


 Just A Purr-sonal Tidbit:

I have several little dogs and several former feral cats that are now house cats.  I order my cat and dog food directly from Smile.Amazon.com.  I also order general household things like laundry soap, toilet paper, dish soap, shampoo, etc directly from Smile.Amazon.com.  By choosing Big Cat Rescue, Corp. as my chosen charity it feels good to know that each month as I order my cat and dog food and my household supplies that Amazon is giving a portion of the purr-chase as a donation to the big cats that I love sooooo much!  WOOHOO, no more carrying heavy bags of dog food and cat food in from the car.   No more running back and forth to car unloading stuff because instead it is delivered literally right to my door.  With a personal Amazon Prime membership I even get free shipping on almost everything.

Shout Out in the comments below if YOU are using Smile.Amazon.com with Big Cat Rescue, Corp. as your chosen charity.

If not, let me tell you how YOU can donate to the cats without it costing you a single cent!!


 Smile.Amazon.com Program Helps the Cats

Because so many of you have kindly chosen Big Cat Rescue, Corp, as your chosen charity on Smile.Amazon the cats have been receiving donations from Amazon.  Each year for the past three years those donations have increased as each of you have told your friends and family about this great way to help the cats. YOUR Smile.Amazon.com purr-chases from July 1, 2016 through September 2016 earned the cats a donation from Amazon in the amount of $4,333.74

You guys are AMAZING!!!

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who is using Smile.Amazon.com !!!!!!!


 What Is Smile.Amazon.com Anyway

A wonderful way to support the cats at no cost to you is to go to your Amazon.com account and sign up for Amazon Smile to have .5% of your purchases donated to Big Cat Rescue.

It is easy to set up.  Once you do, instead of going to Amazon.com to shop, in the future you go to Smile.Amazon.com. Everything at Smile is exactly the same as you are used to at Amazon, same products, same prices.  If you have a Prime account, it will still be there in Smile. The ONLY difference is that .5% of your purchases are donated by Amazon to Big Cat Rescue – ZERO cost to you, but it sure adds up for the cats.

To sign up for Smile just go to https://smile.amazon.com/ch/59-3330495 and log in with your usual Amazon ID and password.

Once you have signed up, you should go to Smile.Amazon.com to make your purchases instead of Amazon.com.

Just typing Smile into your browser instead of Amazon should take you there, or bookmark the URL,

or, after you select Big Cat Rescue, you may see a screen like the one below inviting you to download a shortcut to Smile.Amazon.com.

Want to access your Smile account from an iPhone or iPad?  Easy!

  • Open Safari and go to Smile.Amazon.com
  • Log in with your Amazon login
  • Hit the SHARE icon at the bottom of the screen (the square with the arrow pointing up)

Hit the Add to Home Screen icon (the square with rounded edges with the + sign in it)

You will see an icon direct to your Smile account (including Prime if you have it) on your phone’s home screen.

If you have the regular Amazon app on your phone, it is a good idea to delete it so you do not forget and go there.

Smile.Amazon.com works the same as Amazon.com and has all the same products. The only difference is that it sends a half percent of your purchase to Big Cat Rescue. This has become a meaningful source of support that you can add to at no cost to you. Please sign up and urge people you know to do so.


 Viewer Videos From Explore.org/bigcatrescue

VIDEO:  Nikita’s Birthday Roll Over

By Susann

CLICK HERE to see a LOT more videos of the cats from Susann:  Go Away Silly Ball, TJ’s Lazy Breakfast, Gabby’s breakfast, Gabby at the pond, Nikita’s breakfast, Elfie in the Kitten Cabana, SEVERAL Videos of the Nova the new rehab bobcat kitten, Afternoon stroll with Seth, TJ chasing golf carts, and so much more.


VIDEO:  Morning Mr. Big Seth

By Ruxandra

CLICK HERE to see more videos of the cats by Ruxandra:  Happy birthday Nikita, Some Nova cuteness, Gabby in the morning, Sleepy Nova, Nova waking up and playing, We can see you Seth, and many more.


VIDEO:  More Playtime for Nova

Shawna has also been helping us watch little Nova and has recorded several videos for you to watch of this feisty little girl.

CLICK HERE to watch more videos by Shawna of Nova


Proposed Changes Per Viewer Feedback

As we have stated several times, “This Page Is For YOU!”  We have encouraged YOUR feedback, YOUR thoughts, and YOU have been kind enough to give feedback.  Going forward we will try to make changes that make this page something YOU WANT to come check everyday.

Global News –  This section will 1) move to the bottom of the page and 2) be limited to 1 to 3 articles and 3) it will not be a daily section.  However the will be a link to http://bigcatrescue.org/news/ where you can still find global new, if you want to.

Cat Facts –  This section has gotten mixed reviews.  Some love it some find it too much.  So on this section, how about a compromise?  Instead of full facts about a species, just a couple facts with a link to learn more, if you want to read more.

Cat Health Updates & Sanctuary News – By unanimous positive reviews these items will remain at the top and unchanged.

Quick Links – We will be making them their own page and having just a few links there with a link to the page.

Viewer Videos – For now we will continue to post one video per viewer with a link to see more from that viewer.  One suggestion was to make separate video subject pages and put all viewer videos for that cat on a separate page (EX: All viewer videos of Gabrielle on a page, All viewer videos or TJ on a page) and link to those on the updates page.  While that would be a really cool, really fun way to do it, the time to do that everyday is simply not possible.  Some days, I barely get this page out in time for you all to get it.  We LOVE these viewer videos!!  I mean REALLY WE LOVE these viewer videos and want everyone to enjoy them.  However, posting 20 on a page was causing people on phones to not be able to load the page at all.  Still pondering how to make these videos accessible to all, how to encourage people to check them out, and still have people on phones be able to load the page.  I’m open to YOUR ideas.

Caption Pix & Silver’s Pix – All positive, so will continue this section.

Keeper Pix / Keeper Notes – AAll positive, so will continue this section.

Facebook Live Video Replays – All positive so will continue that.

Cole & Marmalade – Some of you have asked for more of Chris’ videos, so I’ll talk to Chris to see if we can use more of his videos here. What do you think?  Maybe one video or picture a day, maybe a few times a week?

People Often Ask – All positive, so will continue this section.

Big Cat Challenge – All positive, so will continue this section.


Note To Viewers:  YOUR input is wanted!  What do YOU think?  As this page continues to grow in readership we are depending on YOU to keep the feedback coming in so we can make this as interactive, informative, and fun as possible.   You can always provide feedback either in the page comments or you can email me purr-sonally & privately at lawanna.mitchell@bigcatrescue.org

Some of these changes will begin tomorrow.

 Global Cat News


2/1/2017 thru 2/3/2017

ONE:  Malnourished wallaby is found 20 pounds underweight inside a Long Island garage. Police found malnourished animal inside home belonging to Larry Wallach. Wallach, known as The Tiger Man, is a self-proclaimed exotic “animal rescuer.”  Veterinarians are nursing the wallaby back to health, authorities said. It’s not the first time exotic animals have been seized from Wallach’s home!!! A panther and an adult lion were taken from Wallach’s home in the past.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4185300/Malnourished-wallaby-inside-Long-Island-garage.html

  • YOU CAN HELP PUT AN END to his activities by helping us get The Big Cat & Public Safety Act passed into law.  What you need to do IS VERY EASY and will NOT COST you a single penny.   Go to BigCatAct.com and state your thoughts for lawmakers to know how their constituents feel.


TWO:  IFAW & Meredith Whitney did an article featuring Big Cat Rescue’s Priya as part of their series This article is the second in a multi part series explaining cub petting.   http://www.ifaw.org/united-states/news/priya%E2%80%99s-story-tiger-rescued-cub-petting-part

  • AGAIN, YOU CAN HELP PUT AN END to the cub pay to play schemes by helping us get The Big Cat & Public Safety Act passed into law.  What you need to do IS VERY EASY and will NOT COST you a single penny.   Go to BigCatAct.com and state your thoughts for lawmakers to know how their constituents feel.


THREE:  Female Bobcat Ollie Has Been Found on Zoo Property https://nationalzoo.si.edu/news/female-bobcat-ollie-has-been-found-zoo-property




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