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Big Cat Updates

Have YOU voted at VoteCats.com and asked a friend to vote, too?

Arthur has been put on a soft food only diet and his food is being cut up small (cougar sized).  Keepers will also stay near by to watch him eat.  Tidbit: About an hour before breakfast Amanda, Andre, & Arthur are separated and their tunnel doors are shut.

Gale was up late last night painting on the new Keeper Cafe’ which will be a lunchroom / break area for the volunteer keepers and interns.  We try to provide snacks, tea, coffee, etc for the keepers and interns because they work so hard for the cats.  If you ever want to send a virtual hug or virtual high five to the keepers and interns you can purr-chase some yummy snacks for them on Smile.Amazon.com and Amazon will ship them directly to the sanctuary.  If you do, please let us know because Amazon does not tell us who the gifts are from so we do not know who to say Thank You to.

Victor is still working the gift shop improvement projects.

Carole’s brother is working on building a new addition for Sundari leopard.

Work continues on the new bobcat rehab enclosures.

Jamie is away at a medical conference checking out medical supplies for the sanctuary.

The Picky Boys


  • Zeus ate really well.
  • TJ ate well, too.
  • Joseph ate pretty good.
  • It took Hoover four meals but keepers did get him to eats 12 pounds.
  • Cameron was really picky he sure kept the keepers running, but he ate decent, too.


Watch the Facebook Live Video Replays to go along with Kathryn & Carole this morning to take out another meal to the picky boys.


 Keeper Notes

Cameron likes his meat cut into smaller portions.  Cameron will often eat more if his food is cut onto smaller bites so the keepers take the time to do that for him, multiple times a day.

TJ likes his meat cut in small pieces and he likes it put in a special spot in his mouth.  TJ likes his food put in the back of his mouth.

Gabrielle is very small for a tiger.

Kewlona is still pretty shy.  She is braver than she was when she first got here.  We encourage her but do not push her.  We make sure she has her space and plenty of places to hide so that when she feels insecure she can find a spot she feels comfortable.

Dryden is not fond of people looking at him unless they are a keeper that normally brings food.  He is much calmer than when he first got here a few short months ago and as time goes on he will calm down even more.

After keepers finish making a round they sit down in the food prep building at the computer and enter all observations.  Coordinators, Carole, Jamie, and the vets look at those observations daily.  These observations sheets are added onto throughout the day so that everyone knows what is going on.  It also gives the vets an ongoing record if anything comes up with a cat they can look backwards through that cat’s observation sheet to have a complete picture of everything about that cat.  You can learn more about this by watching the “Animal Observations” video class at BigCatRescue.org/training


 Head’s Up

Tomorrow is cat moving day.  The cats on vacation go home and the next cats go out.

We will be posting some COOL FUN Valentine’s Day Gifts!

 Facebook Live Video Replays

VIDEO: 2/8/2017 Taking another meal to some of the picky cats.

Kathryn feeds some of the picky cats including TJ Tiger, Cameron Lion and the Cougars: Ares, Artemis and Orion.  You will also catch a glimpse of a section of the memorial wall.


VIDEO:  2/8/2017 After Breakfast Walkabout with Carole

See Dryden, Kelona, Pharaoh, Nala, Tonga, Keepers and interns cleaning, Jade, Sabre, Zeus, Cameron, Gabrielle, checking in on the building of Sundari’s new edition.  See keepers enter their early afternoon observations onto the observation sheets.


 Facebook Live Contest


Question:  Who is the only cat at Big Cat Rescue that is a cross between a serval and a caracal.  What is his name?

Answer:  JoJo

Winner:  Jennifer Harvell

Prize Chosen: Bracelet – Photo Big Cats

Gun metal charcoal finished bracelet features 7 15mm big cat photos mounted beneath a crystal clear glass dome. Photos include; Armani the leopard, Sabre the black leopard, Joseph the lion, Hoover, the tiger, Nikita the lioness, Zabu the tiger and Cameron the lion. Bracelet is 8.5″ long and has an extra chain at clasp that can extend size 1.5″ more.

 Keeper Fun Photos

Zeus Tiger takes a dip. ~Keeper Afton


Ginger was caught flirting with her neighbor, Frosty.  ~Keeper Afton


VIDEO:  Mickey Cougar Really Loves Popsicles ~Keeper Afton


 Letter To Management

Dear Sir/Madam:

Your organization has single-handedly brought the American economy to a halt, and destroyed the internet. This apparently is being caused by a camera that has been installed for one of your new residents named “Nova.”

We have received numerous complaints from our clients regarding this new resident at your facility, to wit:

– Plastic surgery has had to be performed on faces that have been frozen in one expression from smiling;

– Bodily injuries have been caused by persons being startled and falling off their chairs when said resident attacks the camera;

– Stomach and throat issues have arisen, and various muscles have been pulled, due to laughing too hard;

– Equipment problems (i.e., ruined keyboards and monitors) from projectile fluids;

– Clothing has had to be replaced due to incontinence issues from laughter;

– Employees have been calling in sick and/or watching said resident at their desks, thus stopping the flow of work at their facilities;

And last, but certainly not least, one of our clients had a relative who he claims died laughing.

We have examined these complaints and find them all to be valid after watching said resident for approximately two days. We do find, however, that more research needs to be completed. Therefore, our office will be closed for approximately one month while we conduct this research.

Thank you for your attention.


Iwanta Kisserbelly, Partner
Catz, Kats, Morekatz and a Rat


 Viewer Videos From Explore.org/bigcatrescue

There are some GREAT videos recorded by viewers at explore.org/bigcatrescue that you will really enjoy watching.  Here is a sample video.

VIDEO:  Little Nova Baby Bobcat Having A Blast

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

 Thinking About Spirit Feather

Spirit Feather is running wild and free.  Here is a collage made for YOU by explore.org/bigcatrescue.org viewer named Silver.

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