February 22 2019

Zabu White Tiger - Photo by Afton

Big Cat Updates

Many of you have been asking about Zabu. Below are two videos of her from Keeper Marie.

Alexa Flash Briefing

If you have been worried about Seth you will certainly want to see this summary and HAPPY UPDATE!

In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find them all at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCPv8ivo6o4CZHFifkfRYDw

Coordinator Report – Afton Tasler

Good day, today!!

Tours were busy, but we were able to still get projects done. The Windsong hospital was cleaned, and the back side of the recovery hospital was cleaned after Zucari went outside. Steph and I fixed the tunnel door at the cubs’ cage so that it opens easily without getting caught.

The rest of King Tut’s enclosure was raked by Afton Tasler, Stephanie Chaiser, and Tanya Chute, as well as the tour path along the front of his enclosure. Tut napped on his Coolaroo the whole time.

One of the tour golf carts died out at vacation, Steph and I pushed it back as Aleesa Salcido and Fred Pagan helped out about halfway.

Seth had a much better day today eating about 7 1/2 pounds and taking all of his meds. What a relief, as we have all been so worried.

Three Legislative Updates

Legislative Update One: THANK YOU, to EACH OF YOU who spoke up for the animals!!

Even though the vote didn’t go our way, skimming the witness slips submitted in Illinois to add big cats and other wild animals to their traveling animals ban, it’s evident that BCR supporters made up a significant proportion of the support. So proud of our AdvoCats! – Jennifer Leon

Legislative Update Two: The Big Cat Public Safety Act & Call of the Wild

Although the Big Cat Public Safety Act didn’t come to a vote at the end of Congress last year, it had 144 cosponsors in the House and 6 cosponsors in the Senate – the greatest amount of support we’ve ever had thanks to over 10,000 calls to Congress! That’s a record high thanks to YOU!

Don’t fret; we’ll soon be reintroducing the Big Cat Public Safety Act in this 116th session of Congress. Your calls are needed now so we can start off with strong support right out of the gate!

TAKE ACTION at BigCatAct.com or by texting CATS to 52886. Ask your legislators to the end ownership of big cats as pets and abusive cub petting by cosponsoring the Big Cat Public Safety Act when it is reintroduced in Congress!

Legislative Update Three:  This was a great week for Calls of the Wild! THANK YOU!!

THANK YOU, EVERYONE, who make the Calls of the Wild in honor of Cameron and Seth. Do you see your state listed below? If not, would you help us by making sure you make the call of the wild and by asking your friends and family to make the call as well? We make it so easy at BigCatAct.com. You do not even have to look up a phone number. Our secure system uses your address and zip code to look up who your legislatures are and we will even dial the phone for you. All you have to do is answer the phone and say two sentences. How much easier could it be?


Videos of the Day

Many of you have been asking how Zabu is doing. She is doing great. Keepers are making sure she is getting plenty of enrichment. Keepers put a cicle under her platform, she found it and brought it over to show it to Keeper Marie before she lay down to enjoy her yummy treat. Video by Keeper Marie Schoubert

Zabu is doing well.  She is eating, drinking, chatting with her keepers, and enjoying her extra enrichment.

Zabu’s Cicle Part 1

Zabu’s Cicle Part 2

Zucari Serval goes home from the hospital.

Hoover Tiger has an after breakfast bath in his own lakeside habitat at Big Cat Rescue. Explore.org/tigerlake

Priya Tiger… WAIT FOR IT!! I think it is safe to say, Priya is enjoying a vacation. Racing out the pond in SLO-MO. Watch the live webcam 24 hours a day at Explore.org/bigcatrescue

Bravo, the young rehab bobcat, “OOPS, I DID it again!” Recorded on the amazing 24 hours a day Bobcat Rehab webcam at Explore.org/bigcatrescue


Max and Mary Ann the Bobcats were young, silly, full of energy, and in need of another bobcat to share that with. They were introduced 5 years ago, and they are still loving each others company!

Merchandise of the Day

You can feel Bu-tiuful just like Zabu in this Florida inspired design by Cindy Arthur. Now available in a variety of colors on Tee-shirts, V-Necks, Slouchy Tees, Tanks, hoodies and more! https://teespring.com/zabu-i-feel-bu-tiful

Zabu White Tiger - Big Cat Rescue Merchandise
Zabu White Tiger – Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

Photos for the Day

Handsome Gilligan Lynx wishes you the happiest of FURidays!

Handsome Gilligan Lynx wishes you the happiest of FURidays!
Handsome Gilligan Lynx wishes you the happiest of FURidays!

Nala Serval isn’t impressed but she sure is an impressive and beautiful serval!

Nala Serval isn't impressed but she sure is an impressive and beautiful serval!
Nala Serval isn’t impressed but she sure is an impressive and beautiful serval!

Isn’t Servie Serval just the cutest??!!

Isn't Servie Serval just the cutest?
Isn’t Servie Serval just the cutest?

Did you check yesterday’s Big Cat Updates yet to see what you missed out on? http://bigcatrescue.org/february-21-2019/

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  • Donna

    Such happy news about Seth and of course our precious BuBu…the pictures are fantastic of all the cats…thank you for a great beginning to our Saturday! <3

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