February 23 2018

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Action Alert - Missouri Residents

The Missouri state legislature is moving quickly to undermine existing local bans in the state on the use of wild and exotic animals in entertainment. We can't let this happen!

In 2002, the forward-thinking city of Richmond, MO banned the use of lions, tigers, elephants and other wild animals in entertainment including circuses, carnivals and cub petting pay-to-play schemes. Now the state wants to invalidate this important ordinance and REMOVE THE EXISTING PROTECTIONS for these wild animals in Richmond as well as restrict similar ordinances in any other city or county.

State legislators are bending to the will of a small yet vocal industry group that represents businesses who want to use big cats and other animals for profit. Don't let the state turn back the tide on protections for big cats and other wild animals!

Missouri state bills HB1907 and SB918 would block existing and future local government restrictions on animals in entertainment. If passed, Richmond's ban on wild animal circus acts would be overturned and proposals to adopt similar measures across the state would be halted.

Contact your state Senator and Representative today and urge them to OPPOSE HB1907 and SB918.

Domestic Fostering Program Updates

It is time to fully wean Selena from her kittens so she was moved to Modgin House tonight.

Sand Cat House will be receiving a mom with 2 two week old kittens Friday afternoon.

Sand Cat House and Modgin House are two of our Intern houses / dorms. Interns take the foster kittens home with them at night.

The following kittens have been adopted:

  • Marty
  • Madison
  • Tawny
  • Toodles
  • Marty and Madison were adopted together.

Bobcat Rehab - Aphrodite & Noel

Aphrodite Update

Rehab Keepers who have not been vaccinated for rabies will not be able to care for Aphrodite until 3/16/18.

Aphrodite is on an intake regimen of dewormers.  She was positive for hookworms so we will quarantine her in the small sections of the rehab enclosure until she has finished her second course of Panacur on March 10th.  Once off quarantine we will give her access to the rest of her enclosure and shut her out of the small sections so we can disinfect those.

Because Aphrodite has hookworms it leads us to believe that she was not raised from a kitten as a pet. She may have been hit by a car making her special, or she may have been kept for weeks or months prior to being turned in to the rehabber desensitizing her to humans.

We will move forward with rehabbing her with hopes of releasing. She caught her rat last night which is a good sign.

When Noel is cleared to go outside we will move Aphrodite to Teuci's old cage, disinfect the small sections of the explore cage, and put Noel in there.

Noel Update

On February 21st Noel's x-rays showed all breaks are healing. She had the pins removed from two of her fractures (See videos on Feb 22nd Update). She will have permanent plates on both. She can go outside in a week.

Short video clip of Aphrodite attempting to hunt a squirrel.

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^103648|url^http://bigcatrescue.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Aphrodite-hunting-squirrels.jpg|caption^Aphrodite hunting squirrels|alt^Aphrodite hunting squirrels|title^Aphrodite hunting squirrels|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]



AmazonSmile Foundation Donation Disbursement

Big Cat Rescue has been issued a $17,250.90 donation from the AmazonSmile Foundation as a result of AmazonSmile program activity between October 1 and December 31, 2017.

THANK YOU, Everyone, who has chosen Big Cat Rescue, Corp. as your chosen charity on Smile.Amazon.com because your purchases are really making a difference for the cats.

If you bookmark this special link on your browser, and log in to your Amazon acct through it, all of your eligible shopping on Amazon will benefit the cats at Big Cat Rescue. http://smile.amazon.com/ch/59-3330495

Short Clips

Pretty Priya Tiger - Recent Vacation Footage

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^103652|url^http://bigcatrescue.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Pretty-Priya.jpg|caption^Pretty Priya|alt^Pretty Priya|title^Pretty Priya|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]


What is a Lockout?

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^103654|url^http://bigcatrescue.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/What-is-a-Lockout.jpg|caption^What is a Lockout?|alt^What is a Lockout?|title^What is a Lockout?|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]


Facebook Videos

Uh Oh... Fly Ducks Fly because here comes a TIGER!!

Yes, big cats do the "Butt Wiggle" before pouncing.

Watch tigers playing on the live high quality Explore web cam at http://explore.org/bigcatrescue

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^103657|url^http://bigcatrescue.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Fly-Ducks-Fly-Butt-Wiggle.jpg|caption^Uh Oh... Fly Ducks Fly because here comes a TIGER!!

Yes, big cats do the ``Butt Wiggle`` before pouncing.

Watch tigers playing on the live high quality Explore web cam at http://explore.org/bigcatrescue|alt^Uh Oh... Fly Ducks Fly because here comes a TIGER!! Yes, big cats do the ``Butt Wiggle`` before pouncing. Watch tigers playing on the live high quality Explore web cam at http://explore.org/bigcatrescue|title^Fly Ducks Fly Butt Wiggle|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]


Wildest Animal Rescue's Features Priya Tiger

Today Priya Tiger is the picture of health and vitality, but it wasn't long ago that she was fighting for her life. BigCatRescue.org/Priya

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^103660|url^http://bigcatrescue.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/WildAnimalRescues.jpg|caption^Wild Animal Rescues features Priya Tiger|alt^Wild Animal Rescues features Priya Tiger|title^Wild Animal Rescues features Priya Tiger|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]


Facebook Live Videos

Priya Tiger goes home from vacation

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^103663|url^http://bigcatrescue.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Priya-Tiger-Goes-Home.jpg|caption^Priya Tiger Goes Home|alt^Priya Tiger Goes Home|title^Priya Tiger Goes Home|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]


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