Female jaguar arrives at Denver Zoo for breeding

Last Edited: Wednesday, 07 Feb 2007, 5:22 PM MST

DENVER — A sixteen-month-old female Jaguar named Caipora arrived at Denver Zoo in December and is now on public exhibit.

Caipora comes to Denver Zoo from Akron Zoo on a breeding loan. When she is old enough she will be paired with resident male jaguar, Jorge, who arrived at Denver Zoo from a zoo in Bolivia in 2005.

You can see Caipora, and Denver Zoo’s other residents, at Denver Zoo’s newest event, Paw Thaw from Feb.17-18, and 24-25. Denver Zoo wants the public to enjoy its nearly 3,500 residents even when the weather is cooler, so guests will be able warm up with special activities in indoor buildings during the event.

A new event this year, Paw Thaw will give visitors a chance to learn more about several of the zoo’s residents who can be viewed from inside warm indoor buildings with live animal demonstration, interactive stations, crafts and entertainment.

Caipora recently moved onto exhibit after a standard quarantine period and is now getting settled into her new digs. Zookeepers say she is very curious and likes to watch her fellow feline neighbors, the tigers and servals.

She will eventually be introduced to her future mate, Jorge. Caipora is significantly smaller than Jorge, weighing in at 92 pounds during her wellness exam, while Jorge weighs an estimated 140 pounds.

Jorge arrived at Santa Cruz Zoo at six months of age, after his mother was killed in the wild. Unable to fend for himself, Jorge found refuge at the zoo in Bolivia and was then transferred to Denver Zoo to provide Santa Cruz Zoo space to help other animals in need of refugee.

During chilly weather zoo keepers have been working hard to keep all the zoo’s warm-climate animals entertained in their indoor exhibits and Caipora and Jorge have, among other things, been getting minnows for enrichment.

Even though Caipora has been enjoying fishing for minnows, the warmer weather has allowed her to go outside and explore her outdoor exhibit. Visitors can take advantage of the warmer temperatures and visit Caipora and Jorge on exhibit in the Feline House.

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