Florida Panther-1st Grade

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Read about Florida Panthers http://bigcatrescue.org/florida-panther-facts/


Adult Florida Panthers have brown fur. Their eyes are golden in color. Males are usually bigger than females.


Baby Florida Panthers are called kittens. These cats have 1-3 babies in a litter. Kittens have spots on their fur. They have blue eyes. After they grow up they live alone.


Florida Panthers are meat eaters. Meat eaters are also called carnivores. Their diet includes deer, wild hogs, raccoons, armadillos and alligators.


Living in an area with a lot of plants helps to keep these cats safer. Plants make it easier to hide; there may be fewer people and more food nearby.




1. Panthers are carnivores, meaning they eat meat. Their preferred food is wild hogs and deer. They will also eat which of the following:


a. Alligators

b. Raccoons

c. Armadillos

d. All of the above


2. Florida Panther kittens are usually found in areas of thick vegetation. How does this help increase their chances of survival?


a. More cover to hide from predators

b. Fewer cars/people

c. Prey/food will be nearby

d. All of the above



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