Four Tiger Cubs Born During Rescue

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Four Tiger Cubs Born During Rescue

MOUNTAIN (WAOW)—Four tiger cubs found during a rescue mission are now calling Wisconsin home.

“I was very happy, it’s just an unbelievable dream to take care of those four little girls and it has been great to have them” Lakewood Zookeeper Casey Ludwig told FOX55 News@9.

The tiger cub quartet was a surprise addition to the six adult lions and tigers brought to the zoo last week.  That brings the total number of rescued big cats being cared for at Lakewood to 15.

Many animals brought to Lakewood Zoo have previously been abused.  That’s one reason why Ludwig says his work finding, rescuing and caring for animals is so important.

“We’re giving an animal that won’t have a home, a home” Ludwig said while standing in front of five Grizzly Bear cubs.

Ludwig says he has witnessed horrific accounts of abuse while rescuing animals.  Many of the lions and tigers now safely at Lakewood Zoo were previously circus animals.

Of all the animal rescues Ludwig has been involved in, one animal’s story rises above the rest.  The plight of a large White Siberian tiger named Angel strikes Ludwig as the most telling.  The tiger was taken from a Texas circus cage barely large enough to hold the animal.

“He was 150-pounds underweight.  He was blind and really all beat up.  We brought him back [and] he’s been here for about a year and a half.  He’s a wonderful cat.  He’s content here, has no anger towards people, and he’s just happy to see me everyday” Ludwig said.

Lakewood Zoo, located at 15811 State Highway 32 in Mountain is open daily.  But if you’re interested in seeing those tiger cubs while they’re small you won’t have much time.

Smiling with a soft chuckle Ludwig remarked about those cubs, “they don’t stay that size for long.”

Online Reporter Rob Duns (WAOW)

It is obvious that the cubs are very inbred by the white coat color which is only produced through inbreeding father to daughter, brother to sister, mother to son.

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