Fundraiser for Domestic Cat on Jan 13 2012

Dear Friend of ABC,
We’re hoping you can join us for refreshments at this fundraiser. If you can’t join us, please consider making a donation for Bruno on Tampa Cat Crusaders website. Please get this information out to as many people as possible.  The goal is to raise $1500.00 to cover the last surgery performed on 1/3/12, and we need all the help we can get.  Thank you for all you do!!!!
ABC Volunteers and Tampa Cat Crusaders


Animal Based Charities Thrift Store
4340 S. Manhattan Ave.
Tampa, Florida 33611
Friday, January 13, 2012
Bruno, pictured above, was discovered living in a makeshift colony of unaltered cats in Temple Terrace. He was immediately noticed by a kind volunteer because he was incredibly skinny and was walking with a very bad limp. At his first trip to the vet, it was learned that Bruno’s leg was shattered in multiple places and being that he had been left to fend for himself, his leg had been like that for some time and was beyond repair so had to be amputated.   Poor Bruno was so weak, he suffered multiple set-backs from the surgery and had a much longer recovery time. The great news was that he was in the home of the kind volunteer getting good quality food and slowly gaining weight. She paid his vet bills herself.

Less than a year ago, our 3-legged friend Bruno started having urinary problems and after being on meds, and back and forth with the vets, it was discovered that he wasblocked and had his first catherization, which might have poked a hole in his urethra. Within 2 weeks, he was blocked again and had to have emergency Perineal Urethrostomy surgery. That is emergency surgery on his penis, which no one, man or animal would ever want to go through. The surgery worked for a while, and again, the kind volunteer paid for his expenses herself, but it seems it wasn’t done correctly, and last weekend, Bruno was blocked again.

After two consults, Bruno underwent his second emergency Perineal Urethrostomy surgery to repair the damage that was done. In other words, the hero of this story has just had his second urological surgery to save his life. The vet bills are staggering, the last surgery alone was $1500 and that was at a deep discount for Cat Crusaders.

Please join us at our fundraiser to help offset the vet bills as Bruno is truly the unluckiest Lucky cat we know, and hopefully will live a healthy surgery-free life.
Look what a little love and kindness can do!
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