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Puma Field Guide

Puma Field Guide

Download: Puma Field Guide

In our on-going efforts to assist wildlife agencies, field researchers, and the general public, The Cougar Network has published a Puma Field Guide authored by leading wildlife biologists Harley Shaw, Paul Beier, Melanie Culver, and Melissa Grigione. The guide covers the Biological Considerations, General Life History, Identification, Assessment, and Management of Puma concolor.

The document is meant for public information and use. This guide is not to be construed as a statement of policy; the document is provided only as a tool – it is a guide. The manuscript is "organic" in nature; revisions, updates, and corrections will be made as needed.

The Network’s President Ken Miller stated, "We are very excited to make this Field Guide available.  We believe that it will prove to be an indispensable resource for people with an interest in cougar research and management." 


The "Puma Field Guide" can be downloaded free of charge by going to http://www.cougarnet.org/idguide.html







Thanks for much of the practical knowledge in this publication go to Ollie Barney George Goswick, Clell Lee, Dale Lee, Bill Murphy, and Bill Workman. Margaret T. Morris and Eugene P. Polk provided the sites and opportunity for study. Thanks are also due to Jack O’Neil for editing an earlier guide; and to N. Woolsey, J. Wegge, and R. Day for ideas on track identification.

More recently, Jack Childs, Holly Ernest, Lee Fitzhugh, Kevin Hansen, Brad McCrae, John Laundré, Ken Logan, Susan Morse, John Phelps, Shawn Smallwood, Don Swann, Linda Sweanor, and Anthony Wright have provided suggestions. John Phelps contributed his own ideas regarding new content. Matt Peirce also commented on the manuscript. Many others have contributed knowledge on puma since earlier versions of this field guide were first published.

We hope that you will help us spread the word about the existence and availability of this resource at http://www.cougarnet.org/idguide.html





















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