FWC seeks public input on captive wildlife rules

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FWC seeks public input on captive wildlife rules


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) invites the public to participate in an online survey, which will help the agency develop new requirements for possessing Class I, II and III wildlife. The survey begins on Nov. 3 and concludes on Nov. 24.

The survey includes questions on whether Class I and II captive wildlife owners’ facilities should meet local building codes and/or zoning requirements and if wildlife owners should provide their Critical Incident and Disaster Plan to their county’s emergency manager. In addition, the survey will inquire if people shipping or delivering live wild animals via interstate or intrastate commerce should label such packages. The label would list the name and address of the sender and receiver and identify the number and species of live wildlife in the shipment.

Class I wildlife includes gorillas, chimpanzees, lions, leopards, tigers and bears. Class II wildlife includes several species of small monkeys, small cats, coyotes and wolves. Class I and II wildlife are potentially dangerous to people.

The FWC is also asking for input on the licensing requirements for hobbyists (those who possess wildlife for personal use and enjoyment) who may occasionally exhibit or sell Class III wildlife.

Class III wildlife represents all species not listed as Class I or Class II, and includes those species that are specifically listed as not requiring a permit for personal possession.

To get a complete list of animal classifications, rules and to participate in the survey, visit 


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