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Big Cat Rescue Games

Big Cat Rescue offers a wide variety of free online games, puzzles, storybooks and FUN!


At the very bottom of this page is a fun mind reading game.

New games added in the Fall holiday season of 2007 HERE 

Play in the dark and find scary creatures with the Spotlight.

See how smart you are with this Big Cat Quiz. Try to identify 20 species of wild cat in this big cat Name Game

Going to the zoo?  Take this checklist with you to see if the animals are being treated right.  Get it HERE

You will need Java to play most of these games and can get it HERE.

Play Cats in a Flap HERE. (This link takes you off Big Cat Rescue's site)

Play Poacher Patrol


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What can kids do for the animals?

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Be kind to animals.

Make sure your friends are too.

Report animal abuse.

Learn about animals so you can be their voice.

Write your congressman. We make it easy at

Don't wear or play with things made out of real animals.

If you see fur for sale at a store tell the manager that it's cruel to kill animals for their fur.

Don't go to animal shows or circuses that use animals.

Never pay someone to touch a baby tiger or take your picture with one.

Don't let people bring wild animals to your school. They aren't props!

Recycle ink cartridges and cell phones at

Do a fundraiser for the big cats by selling magazines at

Or you can wash cars, mow yards, walk the neighbor's dogs or have a yard or bake sale. Party Ideas.

Do a zoo check to find out if your zoo is dumping animals when the next babies come.

Ask to see where the animals are kept when the zoo isn't open. Most of these animals spend half their lives shut in small cells.

Try making fewer of your meals out of dead animals. Soy is protein from plants and better for you anyway. Go Veg!

Pick up litter. Lots of wild animals are killed from eating or being trapped in litter.

Spay or neuter your pets. Hundreds of thousands of pets are killed each year because there are more babies than homes.

Micro chip your pets so they can always find their way home.

Keep kids safe with our Child Identification kit, free online HERE

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