Gir forest officials observe human behaviour among lions

Gir, Dec 31 (ANI): Forest officials in Gir have observed rare behavioural pattern in a pride of Asiatic lions, exhibiting characteristics similar to humans.


Two adult male lions seem to rule 32 felines, keeping a close eye on the sub-adults.


The two adult lions guarded the group, which ideally comprises of one to three adult females, their cubs and sub-adults.


They move around the forest and assume the role of protectors to father the other lions.


In an interesting observation, these lions express their feelings just like humans, with a large display of emotions and inter-personal bonding forming the highlight of their day- to-day behavioural pattern.


According to a forest official, as the male lion starts growing up, his family chases him to venture out and form his own pride.


“There is a rule in the case of lions and according to this rule, once the male cub grows, then he has to leave his group and then only does breeding happen. We have also observed that a male cub sits separately, 14 lions sit in a group and two male adult lions who are the rulers sit separately,” said Sandeep Kumar, Deputy Conservator, Gir Forest, Gujarat.


Due to joint efforts of the state government as well as forest authorities, there has been a substantial increase in the population of lions in Gir.


The pride of 32 lions in the forest is the largest pride to be ruled by two male adults.


The Gir forest is one of the renowned wildlife sanctuaries in the country as it is home to Asiatic lions, which can only be found here. (ANI)


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