Government issues shoot orders for a man-eater tiger on prowl in UP

Government issues shoot orders for a man-eater tiger on prowl in UP

Faziabad (Uttar Pradesh)
Thu, 15 Jan 2009:

Faziabad (Uttar Pradesh), Jan 15 (ANI): Rangers of the Forest Department in Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh began a combing operation to trap a tiger and shoot it ever since it was declared as a man-eater after it reportedly killed three persons.

According to the Forest Department, the tiger has killed at leasthree humans at different places and has also eaten goats, a peacock and a cow.

Earlier, the State authorities had declared the tiger on prowl that strayed close to human habitat in Barabanki District as man-eater after it killed a teenage boy.Consequently, the Forest Rangers commenced their search operation and said that till now no success has been achieved and that they are trying their best to trace the tiger.

“Teams from outside also have came here, but even they were unsuccessful. About four teams returned without any success. Now everything is in the hands of Uttar Pradesh Forest Department team,” said A N Singh, officer in-charge of a search party.

Residents informed that the striped feline recently ate a peacock and also a cow.

“We haven’t seen it, but we saw the footprints. About 200 metres from here it killed a peacock. Two days back, it dragged a cow and ate it. Now, the Forest Rangers have come here on elephants for combing operation,” said Suresh Kumar, a villager.Over the past two months, the officials of the Forest Department have been enduring a harrowing time ever since complaints came pouring in about the wild cat making its presence among human habitats in Pilibhit District.

It is believed that this tiger also reached the outskirts of Lucknow on December 14, and then moved towards Sultanpur and into Faizabad District.

As for the animal-man conflict, officials say that wild cats often stray into villages near forestlands in search of food and even attack people. By Amit Kumar (ANI)


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