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Big Cat Rescue sponsored the International Tiger Coalition booth this week in Doha, Qatar thanks to your votes for us in the Chase contest where we won $25,000.  Your votes helped save the tiger!

21 March 2010 


Doha, Qatar — Wild tigers held precious ground today, prompting the International Tiger Coalition (ITC) to congratulate a United Nations wildlife treaty on protections that will help end tiger trade. 

Over 100 member countries of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) agreed to keep in place a decision that tigers should not be farmed for their parts and asked for additional actions to stop tiger trade. 

With wild tiger numbers as low as 3,000 and falling, the ITC is calling for an end to trade from all sources, including the thousands of tigers currently in intensive breeding centers in Asia.   

“If wild tigers are to gain the respite from poaching required to stop their precipitous decline, demand must stop once and for all,” said Judy Mills coordinator of the International Tiger Coalition.  “Products from tiger farms only prompt growth in demand for farmed and wild tigers.” 

Once widely used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), tiger bone was removed from the official TCM pharmacopeia in 1993 to support of the CITES tiger-trade ban. 

“Enforcing the international ban on tiger trade was nearly impossible until tiger consuming countries introduced domestic tiger trade bans,” Mills said.  “The world owes these nations, especially China, a debt of gratitude for their responsible actions, and it’s clear CITES supports every effort to end all tiger trade.” 

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