Great news for exotic cats in FL

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Thanks to all of you who have been sending letters and making calls to your FL state representatives, the bill to ban the trade in pythons, and to require that all possessors of Class I animals post a bond has passed the House and Senate unanimously and is now going to the Governor for his final approval before becoming law in July 2010.

The bond portion of this bill had become law back in 2007 but the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) and thwarted the law by creating a new class of Class I pet owner to escape having to post the bond.  Now all possessors of Class I must post a $10,000 bond to protect the public is their lion, tiger, bear or other Class I animal should injure the public or do damage to property.  It isn't much to ask and only costs the owner about $200.00 but it is a baby step in the right direction.
Another key element of the new law is that it requires anyone selling a Class I or Class II animal in the state of FL to get pre approval by the FWC.  This should create a paper trail that can be investigated by the public so that they know when someone is selling bobcats, caracals, servals, lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, cougars, jaguars and other wild cats.  If these breeders, dealers and exotic animal abusers are exposed to even the slightest bit of public scrutiny it will put an end to their ugly business.  
This is a happy day for exotic cats in Florida!  Be sure to let the Governor know that you approve of CS/SB 318; a bill to end the trade in dangerous exotics.

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