Handicapped Siberian tiger gives birth to two cubs after Caesarean operation

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Handicapped Siberian tiger gives birth to two cubs after Caesarean operation

www.chinaview.cn 2009-06-19 10:59:22

SHENYANG, June 19 (Xinhua) — With the help of 35 PLA doctors and nurses, a female Siberian tiger with a deformed pelvis underwent a Caesarean operation, and gave birth to two male cubs on Wednesday in Shenyang, capital of northeast China’s Liaoning Province.

The seven-year-old tiger Mao Mao was put on pills since she entered puberty period because pregnancy and birth-giving endangered her life, said Wang Meizheng, manager of Shenyang GuipoBear and Tiger Park, adding that Mao Mao suffers from a deformity in her pelvis and hind legs.

“When we noticed Mao Mao’s big tummy, it was too late for a pregnancy termination operation,” said Wang.

Mao Mao then enjoyed the privilege of her favorite food: beef, ox heart, and chicken heart. Other tigers had the daily portion of5 kg meat, and Mao Mao could have 7.5 kg.

She showed prenatal signs on Tuesday morning, but had failed to give birth before Wednesday morning when a team of doctors and nurses came to carry out a Caesarean operation on her.

The No. 202 Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army sent a team to the park. The 35 doctors and nurses were divided into four units: an aesthesia, caesarean operation, newborn cub rescue, and nursing.

“If we didn’t carry out a caesarean operation, Mao Mao would have died giving birth, and her two cubs would have been stillborn,” said Bai Xiaozhong, vice director of the hospital.

After one hour’s operation, Mao Mao gave birth to two cubs.

“No one knows who is the father of the two cubs,” said Wang Meizheng, manager of the Guaipo Bear and Tiger Park in Shenyang.

Mao Mao was unable to breast feed her cubs, and they were fed with milk powder, but if this continues they will suffer fur-shedding. The park is considering seeking a dog-mother to breast feed the two cubs.

The life span of a tame Siberian tiger is about 26 years.



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