Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

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Happy Valentines Day 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

Did February 14th sneak up on you like a mystic black cat?

Here are some Valentine’s Day gifts you can buy and print out online for your sweeties, while helping to support our “kitties.”

http://big-cat-rescue. myshopify.com/search?q= valentine

Free Valentine’s Day Fun


In this Big Cat Fun Valentine’s Day Goodies section you can find all sorts of Valentine Fun. You can download free Personalized Bookmark Designers, Free children’s classroom trading Valentine Makers, Valentine Bookmark / Ornament designers, Play Online Jigsaw puzzles, download free digital Jigsaw puzzles, print Valentine’s Day coloring pages, download free Valentine screensavers, Valentine’s desktop wallpapers and more.

http://bigcatfun.com/ valentines.html


Show The Planet Some Love


Big Cat Rescue is committed to protecting exotic cats from captivity and in the wild and some may think that we put cats ahead of people, but that’s not true. Protecting habitat where cats live free is crucial to saving the planet for all of us because our forests are our planet’s lungs.

This week Arcadia Power made it possible for Big Cat Rescue to completely switch to clean energy!

It took about 5 minutes, and will only cost us about $20.00 a month over our typical electric bill for the entire sanctuary. (For a regular house, it’s more like $7.50 a month over your regular bill) There was nothing to install, no hassle, no red tape; just a quick call and a simple contract that can be freely terminated at any time (if we want to go back to using the dirty stuff).

Arcadia Power is the first nationwide Clean Energy utility option. By partnering with wind and solar projects, Arcadia Power provides homes and businesses with 100% pollution-free energy via local utilities. You can show support for your values through your electricity choice, decreasing demand for fossil fuels and helping to grow American jobs.



To see if it is available to you visit www.arcadiapower.com and just type in your zip code to check. If you do sign up you will get a Free Pass to Big Cat Rescue to show our love for you and your commitment to a healthy planet.


Valentine’s Day Photos of the Big Cats

Valentines Day Liger

Valentine15_Armani002 Valentine15_Aspen002 Valentine15_Aspen005 Valentine15_Aspen007 Valentine15_Aspen008 Valentine15_Aspen010 Valentine15_Aspen011 Valentine15_Aspen012 Valentine15_Aspen013 Valentine15_Aspen015 Valentine15_Aspen016 Valentine15_Cameron002 Valentine15_Cameron003 Valentine15_Cameron004 Valentine15_Ginger001 Valentine15_Ginger002 Valentine15_Ginger003 Valentine15_Ginger004 Valentine15_Jade002 Valentine15_Jade003 Valentine15_MaxMary001-FB Valentine15_MaxMary003-FB Valentine15_MaxMary005-FB Valentine15_MaxMary005 Valentine15_MaxMary006 Valentine15_MaxMary008-FB Valentine15_MaxMary009 Valentine15_MaxMary010 Valentine15_MaxMary013-FB Valentine15_MaxMary014-FB Valentine15_MaxMary014 Valentine15_MaxMary015-FB Valentine15_MaxMary018 Valentine15_MaxMary019 Valentine15_MaxMary020 Valentine15_MaxMary023 Valentine15_MaxMary024-FB Valentine15_MaxMary026-FB Valentine15_MaxMary027-FB Valentine15_MaxMary028 Valentine15_MaxMary029 Valentine15_Sassy001 Valentine15_Sassy003 Valentine15_Sassy004 Valentine15_Sassy006 Valentine15_Sassy007 Valentine15_Sassy008 Valentine15_Sassy010 Valentine15_Sassy011 Valentine15_Sassy012 Valentine15_Sassy013 Valentine15_Sassy014 Valentine15_Sassy017 Valentine15_Sassy018 Valentine15_Sassy019 Valentine15_Sassy020 Valentine15_Sassy021-FB Valentine15_Sassy022 Valentine15_Windstar001 Valentines-Day-_5543 Valentines-Day-_5550 Valentines-Day-_5570 Valentines-Day-_5574 Valentines-Day-_5577 Valentines-Day-_5578 Valentines-Day-_5599 Valentines-Day-_5613 Valentines-Day-EdibleArrangements3 Valentines-Day-EdibleArrangements6 Valentines-Day-EdibleArrangements7 Valentines-Day-EdibleArrangements8 Valentines-Day-Keisha-Zeus-tigers_3473 Valentines-Day-Keisha-Zeus-tigers_3474 Valentines-Day-Keisha-Zeus-tigers_3479 Valentines-Day-Keisha-Zeus-tigers_3482 Valentines-Day-Keisha-Zeus-tigers_3485 Valentines-Day-leopards_0363 Valentines-Day-leopards_0381 Valentines-Day-white-liger_0390 Valentines-Day-white-liger_0394 Valentines-Day-white-liger_0399 Valentines-Day-white-liger_0400 Valentines-Day-white-liger_0404 Valentines-Day-white-liger_0408 Valentines-Day-white-tiger_0411


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