Heron Killed by Lions at Amsterdam Zoo

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Amsterdam - An unfortunate great blue heron could hardly have settled down to rest in a more perilous place than the lions' den at Amsterdam's Royal Artis Zoo.
A video taken by a zoo visitor in the Dutch capital captured the moment when a small pride were lazing around at one end of the enclosure, when suddenly one of the lions observed the heron settle down briefly at the edge of a small water pool within the enclosure.

The long-legged freshwater bird would make a tasty side dish for any predatory big cat and the lion was well aware of this. After sneaking up on the lamentable bird the lion had to leap into the air to capture its prey. The heron had taken flight but the sharp instinct of the lion was too quick for the big bird, reports the Telegraph.

The mid-afternoon snack was quickly removed from the lion when other members of the pride hassled and quibbled for a slice of bird pie. Eventually one of the younger members of the pride stole the accidental lunch, reports 9News.

A zoo spokesman a told Dutch news agency, "It happens often, there are many birds flying around." A similar incident happened in the same zoo and same enclosure about three-and-a-half years ago and was captured on a camera phone video.

Lions roaming the wild plains of the African Savannah would not see a heron. However the big cat's killer instincts know when a tasty meal turns up on its doorstep.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/320179#ixzz1nWl4unPy

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