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Holiday Gifts

I know you are already aware of the dangers of imported wheat, corn, or soy glutens – but the bad news is that we are not done yet…there is more to pay attention to. KOAT TV in Alburquerque, NM just completed some tests on pet products and found disturbing amounts of lead. Here is the link to their report… (thanks to Ken for sending me this article!!!)

I have been overly protective (ok, maybe insanely protective) of my pets ever since my dog died over 15 years ago due to chemical preservatives. Here we are at a gift giving time of year – most pet owners also include their pets or the pets of friends and family on the gift giving list – and no one wants to put a pet into danger. It is very perplexing deciding what to buy.

Stay clear of Chinese imported pet products. It is not my intention to pick on China – however, with the growing number of recalls and dangerous lab reports for a wide variety of products – human and pet – Chinese products are in the spot light. The problem is that Chinese companies are not held to the same safety laws that US companies are.

For one, pet owners are just beginning to have a leg to stand on if ANY company produces a product that injures or kills a pet. We are not there yet as most states consider pets ‘property’ – but legally the rules are beginning to change in favor of pet owners. Second, if a pet product or element of a pet product was made in another country – any country – jurisdiction is the next issue. It’s difficult enough for a pet owner to hold a US company accountable for the loss or injury of a pet – never the less when you add in the laws of another country. Add in the issue that many Chinese companies are government owned – the ability to hold them accountable is close to nill because of international law. Even a US company that imports pet products or an ingredient or element of a pet product can get off the ‘accountable’ hook claiming they didn’t know it was dangerous or flawed. Of course that just ‘b.s.’ to me – but it is what we have to deal with.

Products to pay close attention to:

1. Of course you know its food. A pet’s food is the leading risk to major health concerns from a tainted or contaminated ingredient.

2. Food and water bowls. I like ceramic bowls the best (they don’t hold odors or bacteria as easily as the plastic or stainless steel counterparts) – BUT you must be certain the paint is not a lead based paint. If there is any doubt, I would suggest a stainless steel bowl (yes, made in US).

3. Treats. My bank even knows how I feel about this – they no longer send dog treats out through the drive thru window to me. Don’t give a treat – give a health bonus. A treat that adds antioxidants or omegas to your pet’s diet is my idea of the perfect treat – which of course can be ‘home-made’ (pieces of apple, green beans, carrots, and so forth – pet fast food!).

4. Toys. As I wrote in the December newsletter – my suggestion is to give your pets toys from natural fibers. Do a little research (one website is provided in the newsletter) and made sure your pet is chewing on and playing with a toy made from safe material. And yes again – I would suggest a US only made toy.

I don’t think there is as much of a risk for bedding, clothes, collars or leashes. That would be unless your pet is a chewer.

If you have a story of a pet that has become ill or gotten injured from a toy, or any other pet product – please send the story my way. I would like to compile a list of dangerous pet products – and your help is needed!

If you are giving gifts to your pet or friends or family pets this holiday season – of course I am going to tell you the perfect gift would be Petsumer Report! Yes, I’m partial!!! If you decide to give the perfect gift to a pet loving pal – after your order, please send me an email ( with the receiver’s name and email address. My login system will probably kick out the new subscriber when they register their new subscription because it will not match with the payment name and email address. If you send me the name and email address of who is the intended receiver – I will make sure the system does not ‘kick them out’.

Another suggestion I would give you to give to pet loving friends is a healthy treat or a safe toy (again – the website mentioned above listed in the December newsletter would be a great site for toys – no, I have no connection with them except that I like their products). Many pet owners just don’t think about the safety concerns thus don’t go looking for safer options for their pets (if it can happen to Mattel – lead paint in children’s toys – it can certainly happen to a smaller pet toy producer). You can introduce your friend (and their pet!) to the benefits of a healthy food, treat, or toy with your gift and you could be adding years to the life of the pet by bringing into the receivers awareness the ‘good stuff’ that is available for their pet.

Wishing you and your pet the best,

Susan Thixton

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