How Tiger Petting Sessions Look to Mall Visitors

Eyewitness account of what really goes on at the G. W. Exotic mall exhibition:

Calumet wrote on Sep 12, 2009 11:00 PM:

" I was at the mall today doing some shopping with my son. We didn't even know about the 'show' until we were walking through the mall.

We wandered over and looked into one of the cages. There was a man sitting on the floor, holding his toddler daughter. The little girl was terrified of the baby tiger. She was screaming and kicking at the tiger. I think she made contact at one point. The employee never suggested the child be taken out of the cage, nor did the father have enough brains to cut the 'visit' short.

Now, repeat that scenario several times a day, in different cities, year round and tell me that these animals aren't being exploited and mistreated. It made me sick.

I am not a member of PETA. I agree that the organization is full of kooks. They were correct in their assessment of this 'show', however. "


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